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How to Make a Large Pond

Ponds can add a focal point to a yard or garden, as well as provide a place for wildlife. Large ponds can be created for fishing or as a place to cool down on warm summer days. Ponds can be as elaborate or simple as the surroundings and your wishes. However, creating even a basic pond can be time-co

How to Decorate a French Chateau

The traditional French chateau possesses a romantic and luxuriously decorated quality. French chateau-style homes, while formal looking, also have a cozy feel to them. Intricate details go into the interior design of a French chateau. Elements of the French countryside and high-fashion interiors are

Gloss Vs. Semi-Gloss: Painting on Baseboards

Using a slicker finish of paint in the form of semi-gloss or high-gloss paint helps with maintenance. By using either, you can use a spray cleaner to get dirt off baseboards to keep them looking newer. Depending on the room, you will need to use paint that complements the other materials. For exampl

Uses of Door Hangers

To decorate the doors people all over the world mostly use door hangers. They are made of various shapes mostly of which are rectangular and are used as an attention grabbing item in the shops. They can be made in different color patterns as per you want and that too in different shades.

How to Soften Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are made out of viscoelastic foam. Viscoelastic foam softens and becomes more pliable when heat is applied to it. Normally, the heat from a person's body is enough to soften the memory foam. But sometimes, when the weather is cold, the body does not give off enough heat to soften

How to Decorate With Paint on Ceramic Tile

Ordinary ceramic tile can be transformed by adding artwork with paint. You may wish to add a mural to your kitchen backsplash or a decorative border to tiles on your bathroom wall. With a bit of prep work and artistic skill, decorating ceramic tile with paint is a fairly simple task to accomplish.

Bamboo Window Shades

Bamboo window shades are an elegant window treatment option. Several varieties of bamboo shades are available in the market and some varieties are easy on the pocket. Bamboo shades can be used in a decor that has a rustic theme. Bamboo window shades can also be used in rooms that use furnishings in

How to Design a Baby Boy's Room

Your baby boy is on the way, and you want to design the perfect nursery for him. Options to design a baby boy's room are as diverse as your own personal style, so you can create exactly the room you desire. One thing to keep in mind as you create your design is that your baby boy won't be a baby for