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Clean House

What are the obvious things that you need to change in your life? Could there by obstacles so big you can't even see them? Are there any obsessions you need to get rid of? Before we are able to clearly see the opportunities, we need to remove the barriers in our life that may be the obvious, th

How to Become Happy

What makes you happy? Have you ever given it much thought? Is the pursuit of happiness a priority in your life? What is the special recipe that would make you jump out of bed in the morning rather than jumping off a cliff. Are you passionate about anything right now, or does your life feel empty and

Caught in the Low Self-Esteem Game

Low self-esteem is a game you play. It is a cruel game that you cannot win for one simple fact. It is not your game to play. The reason you have low self-esteem is you keep getting involved in game where the rules are set by other people where you can never win. Each failure gives you more reason to

Do You Have a 'Man Cave'?

What sort of man cave do you have/would you like to have? What do you do in your man cave? What would you like to do if you had a man cave? Are there any particular ideas that you have, either fixed or flexible, about what a man cave should be?

Goal Setting - Think Big, Act Small

The process of goal setting can be broken down into two main components. The first is the actual goals that you set, the second is the plan you put in place to achieve those goals. To be successful, you must first set achievable and measurable goals that are relevant to you. Once you have your goals

Handling Change in Your Life

There are times when it feels like time is moving slowly, but the truth is that everything is always changing. No matter who we are, at some point we are going to start to notice the changes.

How To Start Writing Your Own Book

Would you like to become an author someday? The road to having your own published book is not paved. There will be plenty of struggles and challenges. You may even meet a lot of criticisms and rejections. Nevertheless, if you don't take the risk today, you may not be able to see the fruits of y

Maintaining Productivity at a Slower Pace

After pushing so hard all year long, fall brings a welcomed change of pace. Our thoughts are consumed by the kids going back to school, the holidays, and family activities. At times like this we can shift our focus away from the daily grind of work, our business, or our revenue stream. It is good to

If All Else Fails, Diet Hypnotherapy Can Help

Your perception on food greatly affects your eating habits. If you think about foods for the purpose of getting just the right nutrients your body needs, then you would likely have a balanced eating plan. But if you think about them as comfort foods or stress relievers then that's the time that

How to Control Anger Among Kids and Parents

When parents are in emotional conditions, they hardly go through any problem and they get frustrated all the time. The power to focus and concentrate goes down and down. Parents need to be very calm and cooperative towards their children and they need to find out ways to control anger.

How to Take Wrong Out of the Equation

Take Wrong Out of the Equation Have you ever considered what the world would look like if we were able to take wrong out of the equation? What would be possible if there were no right or wrong ways to live, do or be? What if there was no wrong, just different?

Worship Is A War-Ship - (Worship As Warfare)

The saint is a called to warfare with the powers of darkness. This we believe is clear to many. Unfortunately the nature of this warfare has been misunderstood by many for so long. Many saints are busy fighting a defensive war against the devil while in actual fact God has called us to fight an offe

Get Out of My Mind!

I am incapable of knowing who I am as long as I think I have an idea. The idea of whom and what I think I am prevents me from receiving who I actually am. What I perceive to be is in fact distorted by the clouded and disassembled accumulated perception of myself. My self-serving preconditioned and m