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How to Do a Transfer on a Death Deed in Ohio

Ohio is one of just a few states that allow the transfer of property, upon death, without the need to go through probate. Previously called a Transfer on Death Deed, the law changed effective December 28, 2009. While the intent is the same, the new document is referred to as a Transfer on Death Bene

How to Delay a Check Deposit

Delaying a check deposit is more commonly known as writing a post-dated check. Whether it is to ensure adequate funds in your bank account or to simply have better control over your finances, a post-dated check will prevent the payee from accessing your funds on their terms. Post-dated check are gen

How to Find the Birth of Your Deceased Father

Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates are matters of public record. In any state, you can obtain a copy of any of these records by contacting your Vital Records Department. People use Vital Records to obtain certified copies of documents for a variety of reasons, one of which is to trace f

1991 Fisheries Management Act

The Australian Fisheries Management Act 1991 was intended to ensure that fishing resources are managed in a sustainable manner. The act helps ensure species do not becoming endangered through over-exploitation.

How to Fill Out Custody Papers

The purpose of filing for child custody is to ensure the well-being and happiness of the child or children in question. Though the specific steps and regulations vary somewhat by state, every state is primarily concerned with whether or not the custody you're filing for is in the best interest of th

How to Create an Accelerometer

Miniature accelerometers are in devices like cellphones and computers. You can’t build a miniature version without very expensive fabrication equipment, but you can build your own accelerometer. Your accelerometer, like all others, will depend on measuring consequences of Newton’s second

How to Deal With Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services must respond to accusations of child abuse and neglect. Even if the reports are unfounded, Child Protective Services must investigate and make sure that all children are safe. If someone files a Child Protective Service report against you, it is important to cooperate with

How to Find Income Tax Credits You May Not Know About

The IRS is fickle when it comes to your income tax. Sometimes, they let you reduce your taxable income, sometimes they give you tax credit to eliminate your tax liability but that's all they will give. Sometimes, they give you a tax credit that you can take to the bank and cash! How do you sort t

How to Find Out the Death Date of an Individual

If you're trying to find the death date of an individual such as a relative or ancestor, you may be at a loss trying to figure out how to locate the information. A death certificate is a legal document, and is filed at both the county and the state offices of the state in which the person died. You'

You Do Not Have To Leave A Dollar To Disinherit In An Estate Plan

There is a popular misconception that is part wives tale part urban legend that the best way to disinherit someone, particularly a child, is to leave them a dollar in your will. The will in this case usually contains a provision such as "I leave a dollar to my child". Leaving a dollar in a

How to Find Child Care for Your Baby

Many parents choose to return to work shortly after adding a baby to the family. You will need to find childcare that fits your parenting style and needs of your baby. Babies have a different set of needs than older children. Because of these needs, finding infant care can take time and diligence

How to Get Your Driving Record Amended in Massachusetts

Your driving record is used by your insurance company to determine your rates and is checked as part of job application process. It's hard to remove a blemish from your record, particularly in Massachusetts.

Making Revisions to a Living Trust

A living trust is a legal arrangement established before your death that allocates your assets to certain beneficiaries through a trustee. For instance, if you and your spouse died, and your underage children were left to inherit your estate, their inheritance would be put into a trust to be distrib

How to Locate an Inmate in South Carolina

Locating a friend or loved one who is serving a prison sentence in South Carolina is an essential first step to ensure that communication stays alive between you two. Many situations may require you to locate an inmate's identifying information. If phone calls are few and far between, you may need t