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How to Measure Fishing Line Length

Measuring the length of a fishing line is a tedious but necessary task if you want to determine how much line you have remaining. This can be especially important if you plan to troll for fish or go on a deep-sea-fishing trip. You can ensure you have ample line for your trip, and you can use your kn

How to Catch a Wax Worm

Wax worms are the larvae stage of the greater wax moth. For many anglers, the wax worm is a go-to bait, especially when fishing for trout and pan fish including bream, crappie and blue gill. Wax worms are available for purchase from bait shops, online and from pet stores. However, it is possible to

How to Tie a Bobber Weight & Hook Rig

A bobber, weight and hook comprises one of the most basic rigs for fishing. When combined with bait -- such as a worm or kernel of corn -- the rig helps anglers catch a wide range of fresh and saltwater fish. This rig is used by beginners and experienced anglers. It is designed to present bait at a

Rainbow Trout Fishing in Wyoming

Rainbow trout are not native to Wyoming but the fish can be found naturally reproducing in many rivers. Rainbow trout can survive in clear, cold waters and the majority of Wyoming rivers and lakes fit the profile for rainbow trout habitat. Some of the rivers are considered world-class wild trout fis

Fishing in Lake Lanier

Located in north Georgia and part of the Chattahoochee River, Lake Lanier (officially Lake Sydney Lanier) is a 26-mile-long reservoir lake with more than 692 miles of shoreline. Lake Lanier provides flood protection, water, power and recreational fishing with seasonal opportunities for various types

How Do Killer Whales Travel?

Hunting for FoodKiller whales are known to travel up to 500 miles a week in search of food. Locating and acquiring food is a daily task for whales, and in the depths of the sea in which they typically travel and make their homes, superior hunting and traveling skills are necessary to...

How to Clean Crappie

Crappie are a freshwater game fish caught primarily in the spring when they move to shallow water to spawn. According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, every state but Alaska has a population of crappie. There are two methods of cleaning crappie. Filleting removes the

Ohio State Fishing Regulations

Ohio's anglers have regulations that they must follow while fishing. These regulations include a number specific to such things as licenses, legal limits and methods of fishing in and on Ohio waters. The regulations define many terms as they relate to angling in the state. The Ohio Department of Nat

How to Bait a Circle Hook With a Plastic Worm

Circle hooks make superior fishing hooks because they make it harder for the fish to roll and shake itself free, and their design and shape limit fish mortality in that they are not susceptible to being swallowed and are easily remove from the fish's lip. Make sure to check your fishing regulations

How to Catch Tilapia on a Fishing Pole

Tilapia are freshwater game fish that are commonly found in slower moving or still waters, including ponds, lakes and some rivers. Typically found in more tropical zones such as South America, tilapia have become abundant in the Orlando, Florida, region and can also be found in warm power supply lak

How to Build a Teepee

A Teepee is a kind of conical house. It resembles a tent and is made of wooden poles covered with skins or other material. The covering may be decorated with painted pictures. The teepee was the usual dwelling place of many Plains Indians. It was also used as temporary accommodation by other Native

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips There is a lot of good information out there about largemouth bass angling but with so much widespread information, it can take hours to get a few truly useful largemouth bass ...

Differences Between Crappie & Perch

Perch and crappie are both considered panfish, even though they are not closely related. They both have firm, flaky white meat and are considered excellent table fare. They even bite on the same bait and lures and share overpopulation issues that cause stunted populations of fish. However, these fis

What Animals Live In and Around Coral Reefs?

The coral reef is a place rich in aquatic sea life, complete with entire life cycles of symbiotic relationships. Many different species call the reef home, and each reef is unique dependent upon its depth, location and history. The brightly colored fish associated with reefs are far from the only li

Alaska Fishing Tours - The Best Vacation Ever

One of the best vacations that you would take is the popular Alaska fishing tours. No doubt, this vacation with your entire family will be unforgettable. There are many lodges in Alaska where you can ...

How to Remove a Fishing Rod Tip to Replace It

Almost all fishing rods are comprised of two or more rod blanks, culminating into the tip. The tip is the top of the rod and the narrowest and thinnest rod blank. This makes the tip particularly susceptible to breakage, requiring a new tip. Because fishing rods are assembled in rod blanks, it is a v

How to Cast a Crappie Baitcaster Reel

Crappie are a species of freshwater panfish that thrive in lakes and ponds throughout North America. Larger than bluegill, yet no less ferocious, crappie favor underwater structures such as dead, submerged trees where they hide among the branches to launch an attack on passing prey. A medium-duty ba

Flathead Catfishing Tips

The more you know about catfish the more chance you will get a great catch. This sport tends to be more fun and exciting when you are over the greenhorn level. The only way to ...

How to Tie a Leader Line

Numerous different knots and attachments are available for leader-to-line connections. The type of knot chosen depends on the type of lines being connected. Leader material is typically constructed from monofilament or fluorocarbon, but the line may be braided, fly line, or a different diameter mon