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Noah's Ark Bible Story Activities

The story of Noah's Ark is enjoyed by children of all ages. The tale of how Noah listened to God and built the Ark to save his family and many animals from the flood can be re-enforced through a variety of activities. Arts, crafts, songs and other activities can be used as a tangible reminder of the

How To Become A Psychic Phone Reader?

Have we ever considered being a phone psychic? Inevitably, it implies that we ought to work with an organization where so-called Psychics will likely be contracted with to provide the paranormal sessions for the guests ...

The Bible and The Fleas

After a while, the guards moved the girls to a new barracks. They were filthy and infested with fleas. Corrie felt discouraged and hopeless, but Betsie pointed out that the Bible says we should give t

The Kundalini - Everything You Need To Know

Kundalini literally means "coiled". In traditional yoga meanwhile, it means "corporal energy". In the context of meditation, it is defined as an instinctive, unconscious and libidinal force ("Shakti"). It is described as a form of ...

Letter to God

Rock: Is there any possibility of humanity going beyond its opinions and beliefs, or are we destined to fight with each other endlessly? If God commanded you to come up with something that would satisfy all beliefs, yet enlighten all minds, what would you suggest?

How Satan Tempts Christians

How does Satan tempt Christians? What can Christians do to resist temptation and combat the devil's schemes?

Caste System in Hinduism

As all of you know about the caste system in Hinduism.This the topic of my article.

Process Theology

This movement would have died out because most abstract thinkers were busy with Barth and Neo-orthodoxy, but in the 1960's and 1970's Charles Hartshorn added metaphysics to Whitehead. This was popular at the time and gave it a brief revival.

So, am I just an angry apostate?

I began wondering if anyone reading my articles would perhaps think that they were just the ravings of a disillusioned christian with an axe to grind. Perhaps one might think that I had a few ...

Curses In African Religions

When we interact with other people, our auras merge, and we began to exchange energy (information). The energy could be good, or it could be bad. Bad energy can be transferred in forms of a curse and it works in two ways. It can either take your energy and or dump bad energy into your auric fields.

How to Cross Your Legs

Though it is a comfortable way to sit, especially for women, crossing your legs can actually be bad for your health. Crossing your legs above the knee can decrease the circulation in your lower leg and feet, which can lead to varicose veins. Your body can also be pulled out of alignment when sitting

What Help Has to Do With Ministry

To help means to exercise practical kindness and compassion. Help makes us go beyond reason and logic to perceive and respond to others. It is a virtue everybody is looking forward to. In help, we recognize and respect people, not just because of their position and lowly estate, but as brothers and

What Is the Order of the Eastern Star?

Founded in the mid-1800s, the Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world for women and men. However, it is commonly considered a women's auxiliary to the Freemasons. Its members comprise men who are Master Masons and women with specific Masonic relationships. The or

The Basis of Astral Projection

Simply explained, astral projection is the practice of the conscious mind traveling outside of the physical body. Some people have taken such a journey quite to their surprise, and nobody knows why th

Personal Empowerment

How powerful do you feel? Readers tell how they tap into their strengths and empower themselves.

Holy Foreskin!

The power and popularity of relics in Medieval Europe was dependent upon the saintliness of the original "owner." The ultimate source of relics was Jesus himself, but there was just one problem: it is clear in the New Testament that after his resurrection, Jesus was "carried up to Hea

How to Get the Best Online Psychic Clairvoyant Reading

Receiving an online psychic clairvoyant reading is very different from receiving a reading in person. One of the major advantages of the receiving an online reading is that you do not need to travel t