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In Her Eyes

I did not look at in her eyes. She was full remorse with cries.

What Is Dystopian Fiction?

Have you heard of the term "dystopia" but you're not completely sure what it is? Read on to learn more about this interesting form of fiction.

The Revolutionary Writing of Leon Trotsky

Any good soldier, no matter how misguided they may be, will ultimately believe that the end may somehow come to justify the means. And in the case of Leon Trotsky, we have such a tragic tale.

Love by Leo Buscaglia

Love by Leo Buscaglia is a book I read many years ago.Every once and while I dust it off and take another look.Each time I learn something I hadn't the last time I read it.It is simple, easy to read and understand but most importantly, it makes you think.Love, what does it mean to you?

Rare Textbooks for Sale

There are a number of rare, out of print textbooks that a number of people would kill to lay their hands on. These textbooks are really helpful for college students who are majoring in a particular subject and need to have a holistic idea of the subject concerned.

King David, You, Me And Idleness

It isn't as if King David opened his eyes that morning, to ask, 'What are the 3 most effective ways I can take this blessed God given life and invoke the worst conceivable miseries upon me and on everyone I love?' Every time I read the tragic account of David, I feel profound sympathy

Love You Forever - Book Review

Are you looking for a meaningful gift this Christmas for a special child or pregnant friend? This review by the mother of six is about the one MUST have book that she buys for each of her children.

Materialism and Life After Death

What will you do with your materialism when you pass? It is a reality that our world is driven by materialism, which unfortunately is a very real cause of distention between people.

Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert - Book Review

Natasha Mostert's Season of the Witch is one of the best books I've read in a long time. I obsessively turned the pages fearful of what might come next, but desperately needing to know, I was almost as obsessed as Gabriel Blackstone in his hunger to taste again the cosmic illumination he f

Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardottir Book Review

This book starts off in a way that will really make the reader pay attention. The good thing is that the author does an excellent job of continuing with this fast paced storyline that does not let up throughout the book.

"Child 44" by Tom Rob Smith

What happens when your belief in your world comes to a sudden halt. What happens in a society that doesn't let you chance your mind?

Sad Song

Human are never fully satisfied. People are sad more these days. May be its our fluctuating nature or whatsoever we are sad and disappointed even though we have everything. We want our sadness to be only in dreams but the reality is different. I wrote this poem when I was really sad and would like t

The Fast Way to Heal For Life by Halanna Matthew, PhD

World acclaimed leader, Dr. Halanna Matthew, known for her work in the field of fasting and rejuvenation, bases her book "The Fast Way to Heal for Life" on the premise that healing power comes from within and although old age is inevitable, disease is not. Dr. Matthews warns of the dangers