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Small Business Investment Ideas - Becoming a Portrait Photographer

The best small business investment ideas focus on buying things that will not only work for your business but that you'll be able to enjoy as well. If you're able to do something for a living that you are really passionate about, it won't even feel like work and you'll have a muc

How to Include Picture Slides With Video

Including your picture slides with a video project allows you to create a compelling and emotional movie for your audience. Adding still images at the appropriate places causes the viewer to stop for a few seconds to read your image and listen to the accompanying audio. The creative opportunities ar

What Tools Are Used in Film?

As a collaborative art form, film making requires the use of various tools to enable a cinematic vision to come to life. Even a small production with low budget and minimal resources requires the involvement of numerous people working in several fields of expertise. Bigger productions need hundreds

Getting up Close in Nature Photography

We have now entered the close up world of nature, a world that lies just beyond the familiar that is so full of rich detail and striking beauty. With an open mind, a little imagination and an almost...

How to Become a Crime Scene Photographer

All crime scenes, as well as scenes of accidents and items of evidence, need to be cataloged and documented. A crime scene photographer (also known as a forensic photographer) is an integral part of this process. A crime scene photographer must use different imaging techniques to accurately record e

Child Photography - 5 Creative Tips to Photograph Your Kids & Family

There are many ways to create stunning photos of your child. I've experience that you can get more beautiful images by yourself than bringing your child to some of the portrait studios. Kids don't usually smile naturally to strangers. Parents have more chances to take better photos than pr

Useful Tips For Cleaning Your Camera Lens

The quality of your photo depends on the clarity of the camera lens and therefore it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning this costly device is not so easy and it needs ...

How to Become a Professional Landscape Photographer

Professional landscape photographers produce photographs of natural scenes for publication in calendars, magazines, travel guides and other publications that cover outdoor living. Landscape photographers generally run their own freelance business, although some may find employment with organizations

How to Sell or Market an Extreme Home Video

Home videos are popular for a variety of reasons. People can capture special moments in their lives and take actual footage from celebrations, special events or just everyday occurrences. In addition to creating home videos for nostalgic purposes, people also make videos for entertainment. The incre

Nikon D7000 vs Nikon D300s

The folks at Nikon just can't help themselves. They produce one excellent digital SLR camera after another. The D7000 is no exception. When you look at the Nikon D7000 vs D300s [], they are quite ...

Create Your Own Job - Create Your Own House

*I figured out how to advertise to the markets Joe was one of the nicest guys I have ever known and the best boss I have ever had. I think having to lay off employees ...

Lighting & Posing Techniques for Photographing Women

Ordinary people are some of the most popular subjects for photographs. You do not have to buy expensive studio equipment to take a compelling portrait. By knowing a few lighting and posing techniques, you can turn that picture of your girlfriend, wife, sister or friend from just another snapshot to

5 Tips For Better Vineyard Photography

Taking great vineyard images can be challenging. Pictures can turn out blurry, have sunspots and lighting issues or just have nothing to distinguish them from a million other vineyard shots. These 5 tips can help correct the most common of these problems and provide you with some amazing and unique

The 3 Easy Steps to Make Movies

Do you think making movies need good amount of time, experience and fancy software? If so, then it's time to think again. The lesser known fact is that if you own a DSLR, a tripod ...