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Types of Pelagic Tunicates

Pelagic tunicates resemble, but are unrelated to, jellyfish.jellyfish image by toschphoto from Fotolia.comPelagic tunicates are unique, herbivorous marine creatures that live in open waters. They are small and move by pumping water through their bodies. Pelagic tunicates resemble...

Pet Friendly - Or Not?

Many of you have pets, or have friends with pets. Whether you love or hate them....they are in our everyday lives and can make a significant difference in where you can move...depending on size, temperament and breed! Many coops and condominiums in the area you are looking to buy or lease all have d

Dog Houses Your Pet Dog Will Love

Dog Houses are a must for today's modern, hard-working dog lovers.In our office alone, there's certainly been a lot of talk and boasting about the latest insulated dog house, wooden log cabin dog house, even the plastic igloo type dog house and the all singing and dancing designer dog hous

How to Animate Tank Treads Using Maya

Maya is a powerful 3-D rendering and animation software. Users can create 3-D models and then apply motion and animation to them. Creating a tank tread requires that you have a single tread link, copied over and over again, that is placed on a repeating path loop. Once complete, you will be able to

25 Human Foods Toxic to your Pets

Recently, much news was published about unsafe commercial pet foods. Perhaps this is one reason more and more people are opting to 'home cook' for their pets. However, in order to properly home-cook f

Mastiff Dogs - Friend or Foe ?

The Mastiff Dog is a jumbo-sized, gentle giant. But while his size is certainly intimidating, his demeanor is calm and gentle making him a wonderful family pet. The Mastiff has a long history that goes ...

How To Put On A Horses Bridle

A horses bridle is what gives the rider control during a ride. It is therefore vital that the bridle is fitted correctly to ensure both comfort for the horse and control and feel for the rider.

The Siamese Cat

The exotic and rather mysterious Siamese cat hails from the country of Thailand.They had always been a popular breed of cats, some even residing in royal palaces.Siamese cats, in the past, were trusted to protect royal palaces and monasteries from evil spirits.These cats were also thought of as brin

The Average Guinea Pigs Life Expectancy

A guinea pig makes a fabulous pet for many reasons however one of the most imperative reasons is the flexibility to keep your pet outdoors or indoors. Many people are under a common misconception that ...

The Difference Between Dairy & Beef Cattle

The United States is home to 11 million cows, which vary by breed, heritage and purpose. Cows provide us not only with milk and beef, but also with the key ingredients for things like butter, ice cream, soaps, cosmetics, candles, shortenings and chewing gum. The differences between dairy and beef ca

Cat Flaps – Favourite Cat Flap Features

the cat flap has needed to evolve in order to prevent all the cats in the neighbourhood from congregating in your living room and greeting you for breakfast when you come down first thing in the morni

How to Train a Dwarf Rabbit

Training a dwarf rabbit is similar to training a cat. Rabbits don't have an innate desire to please humans the way dogs do, so training will be limited to working with their natural instincts. Many people litter-box train their dwarf rabbits so the rabbits can roam around the house.

Aggressive Saltwater Aquariums

The majority of the time, when you think of an aquarium, you imagine smaller multihued fish comparable to neon tetras or clownfish, not Triggerfish. In the end, these fish tanks are still thought of a

Facts About Fish Pets

Fish make fine pets. An amazing array of different types of fish are kept as pets, and maintaining an aquarium can be a simple pastime or a highly complex challenge, depending on which of these fish you choose. Before you make any decisions, it would be wise to acquaint yourself with some facts abou