2009 Memorial Gallery to Special Cats: Shayfur

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Hair Balls In Cats: 5 Fast Natural Remedies

If you have a hairball problem in your house, then you really need to read this article. Hairballs are called 'trichobezoars' in veterinary terms, that can be a recurring problem for many cats. In this article you will learn what causes hairballs and how to tell if your cat has one. Most i

Kids and Cats Picture Gallery: Caitlin and Emma

Kids who are taught early-on to love and respect cats will grow up to be responsible adults who will make a difference in the animal kingdom. These pictures show kids making a head start, and their love for cats is evident in every photo. We're not only showing girls, either. It's time for

Ingrown Toenail Remedies for Cats

Your cat's nail care is an important grooming procedure and crucial for overall health. If nails are left untrimmed, they can break and become ingrown. Bleeding can also occur. Nails need a trim if they catch on the carpet, your clothes or furniture. Trim them as a preventative measure.

2011 Cat Picture of the Week: Schmooze

For several years now, About.com Cats has featured a Cat Picture of the Week, and this year is no exception. Photos are chosen from submittals to any of the *other* picture galleries on this site (most often from the featured gallery of the month). My criteria is the quality of the photo, and the ca

Love The Cat - Hate The Asthma

Cat dander is one of the major triggers of Asthma. Here are four tips to help make living with a cat easier when you have Asthma.

Cat Is Lethargic & Walking in Circles

Lethargy and walking in circles are potential symptoms of a wide range of problems, some serious and some relatively minor. If you have a cat that displays these symptoms, then you should have the cat seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible so it can start receiving appropriate treatment. Walking

Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Product review of the Drinkwell Pet Fountain by the About Guide to Cats.

Why Do Newborn Kittens Die?

Newborn kittens are vulnerable creatures that face a variety of dangers during birth and in their first weeks of life. They are dependent on their mother for food, warmth and survival. Kittens that fail to thrive and die as newborns are said to suffer from fading kitten syndrome. This syndrome cover

2009 Blue Cats Picture Gallery: Fluffy-Blu

January epitomizes the winter season with snow, sleet, and ice. Our pictures of silver and solid blue cats reflect the colors of icicles hanging from the roof, frozen ponds, and the cool blue color of the sky. Enjoy our January blue cats pictures, whose soft, warm, cuddly appearances belie the cold

2008 Memorials to Special Cats: Figgy

Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a good way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself. It is always difficult to say goodbye by t

Shelter Cat Adoption Success Gallery: Ocho

Adopting a shelter cat makes a big difference, not only to the cat, who may literally have been on death row, but to your own life. Cats are well-known for giving unconditional love to their human companions, and you'll find your life enriched immeasurably. The stories presented here in our She

Ragdoll Cats Picture Gallery: Ezra and Emma

Ragdolls are said to have been named for their proclivity to relax entirely when held. The Ragdoll adores its humans and would generally prefer to be wherever you are. Don't be surprised to have a Ragdoll shadow as you go from room to room, talking to you in her sweet musical voice. I hope you

Calicivirus Vaccine Side Effects

An adverse reaction to the calicivirus vaccine is rare but can occur. It is important to be aware of potential side effects, but it is also important to remember the benefits of the vaccine might outweigh the risk. You should discuss your cat's vaccination needs with your veterinarian.

How a Heated Cat Bed Can Make Your Cat Happy

Every cat owner understands the importance of proper feline care - keeping it warm, well-fed, and happy. This usually consists of simple catnip toys, dry cat food, and the occasional treat. However, heated cat beds never come to mind!

Cat Breeds Picture Gallery: Gwenevere, Cornish Rex

September is a month of variety in both climate and activities. It is still warm enough for summer activities, while cooler evenings bring a hint of fall. It is a perfect month from celebrating a variety of cat breeds, and we dedicate the September Cats Picture Calendar to photos of a number of pedi

Lucky Bamboo Plants and Cats

Lucky bamboo is toxic to cats when chewed or eaten. Also known as dragon tree or Dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo belongs to a family of toxic plants that includes Easter lilies and garden lilies.

Is Emery Cat Right for Your Pet?

Emery Cat was designed with cats and their owners in mind, specifically their owners' furniture! Anybody who loves cats generally hates the destruction they can cause with their claws, and that is where this innovative product comes in.

Great Toys For Cats

The choice of toys available for your cat these days is vast, and is a booming market. We all want to treat our kitty's from time to time, but is it really worth spending so much money? Cats can be compared to children, in that they go through phases and get bored easily.