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How to Fit a Western Saddle to the Rider

Many factors come into play when determining proper saddle fit to the rider. Saddle type, seat size and shape may not be as crucial as correct fit to the horse, but if the fit to the rider isn't right to begin with, you will find yourself being very uncomfortable, sore and stiff after each ride

The Causes of Colic in Horses Including the Symptoms and the Need For Action

The term "colic" means pain in the abdomen and it is more common in horses than any other animal. Some of the reasons for this predisposition in horses are given in this article to help prevent suffering. The symptoms such as excessive rolling and pawing the ground are also discussed. Advi

Social Standing Between Different Horses in a Herd

There is a lot to learn when it comes to horse breed history. Horses differ from each other with regard to their unmatched beauty, breed and sturdy looks. They also differ in their rich and unique historical backgrounds.There are many interesting facts in the horse breed history with respect to the

Colic & Reflux

Colic is a catch-all term applied to digestive disruptions in horses. Colic is caused by trapped gas or physical blockages and happens partially because horses are not capable of reflux or regurgitation. Colic usually requires veterinary treatment and can prove fatal in some cases.

How to Adjust Stirrup Leathers

In order to ride safely you need to make sure the saddle, bridle and other equipment you use is clean and in good repair. Riding with inferior or poorly fitted equipment will put both you and your horse in danger, so it is important to check and adjust your equipment before every ride.

Quick Links to Learn to Horseback Ride

This page lists all of the articles included in the Learn Basic Horseback Riding Skills E-course. Learn how to lead, tie, bridle, saddle, do up a Western cinch, walk, halt, turn, trot or jog, canter or lope, and ride safely in an arena or on the trail.

Why Horses Bite And What To Do About It

While watching horses play with each other, you'll notice they do things like push their bodies, rear up, strike and kick, and BITE. Of course it's all in fun and grabbing a bit of skin in their teeth is no big deal, unless the recipient is a human.

How to Repair Leather Harnesses & Saddles

You left your favorite saddle uncovered on the rack and the barn cat found it perfect for her nap; unfortunately, she left her mark with a nice little rip in the seat. Or something used one of your draft collars as a scratching post or a means of escape to the ceiling. Your leather harness and saddl

How to Connect a Spur

Spurs are metal attachments for riding boots or cowboy boots. The attachment has a metal rod that comes out of the heel which is used to control a horse when riding. The spur fits around the heel of the boot and is secured with spur straps which can be a variety of materials including leather and ny

How to Long Line Horses

Long lining a horse is a way to teach the animal to move in a fluid and balanced manner. One of the advantages of this training method is that it can be undertaken long before the horse is old enough to ride. If you start using long lining techniques with your young horse, you can develop an animal

Miniature Horse Games to Play

Play games with your miniature image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comMiniature horse owners might not be able to ride their animals, but they can still have a great time with their horses. There are a number of games and activities miniature horse owners can use to bond with...

How to Tie a Bosal

Bosals are usually used as training devices to help acclimate young horses to being controlled. They are useful because a young horse's mouth can be too tender for a bit. You can tie a makeshift bosal and reins when a bosal is not available. It would be valuable to practice making the bosal before i

How to Harden Up the Horse's Frog

A horses's weak or soft hooves can be a side effect of unlucky genetics or extended exposure to wet conditions. A horse with a soft sole or frog may experience lameness issues due to the frog or sole becoming bruised and tender as the horse walks through rough terrain or gets a rock stuck in its foo

Horse Show Information

Whether you're an exhibitor or only a spectator, going to a horse show can be a lot of fun. With some type of horse show going on almost every day of the year, plenty of shows are available from which to choose. They include racing events and those of Olympics potential.

What Type of Food Do You Feed Your Horse?

Horses are herbivores who benefit from time spent grazing on food such as pasture grass or hay, however, most horse owners choose to supplement their horse's diet with additional foods, such as grain products to ensure a healthy horse. In addition, many horses are fed a selection of other food items


Belle - gallery photo. A gallery of About Horses and Ponies reader's horses' and ponies. This online album contains photos of readers horses and ponies. Horse pictures and digital artwork. Submit your horse photo for inclusion in the My Horse Photo Gallery

Horse Training for Reining Horse Sliding Stops

Do you own a reining horse or young reined cow horse prospect? If so, you know how critical a good stop is to your horse's success in the show arena. In this discussion, I'm going to talk about reining horse sliding stops.

How to Halter a Foal

Training a foal early is very important. How and what you teach it at this young age will make all the difference in what type of an equine citizen the horse becomes as an adult. One of the most basic lessons is how to teach a horse to be haltered without fear or stress. This article will give you s

Braiding Horse Manes: The First Time

There are a lot of benefits to braiding your horse's hair so it is definitely something that is worth learning to do. The problem that you are going to face while learning is that it can be a stressful time for the horse since he is not going to be used to having it done. The problem will be ma