What Is the Difference Between Cardinal and Neon Tetras?

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Great Hints to Clean the Aquarium

Having an aquarium needs proper maintenance. As a matter of fact, a water fish tank needs approximately 30 minutes to one hour to clean the tank but it depends on the tank's size.

How Do I Set Up A Freshwater Aquarium?

Choose exactly where you would like to place your fish tank; as it will determine what size you purchase, and whether you'll have to have a stand to go with it. 20 gallons and up will require a stand no matter what. As appealing as it is to purchase a small fish tank they actually are not as ea

How to Find the Amount of Gallons in a Large Aquarium

Calculating the volume of water in a large aquarium, without disturbing the fish, can be difficult. However, it is important to know the volume of water within the aquarium when calculating oxygen levels, adding chemicals or preparing to drain and refill the tank. By taking external measurements and

You Need a Koi Filter For Your Beautiful Koi

Water is the source of life for a fish. However, for a Koi fish, the importance of a clean water body is extremely high. Koi are highly affected by the condition of the water than any other kind of fish, hence a lot of care needs to be given to maintaining an equipment such as the water filter.

How to Start an Aquarium Overflow

Aquarium overflows pull water from your tank, allowing you to gravity feed the water down to a sump or refugium. If you did not have an overflow and were just using a siphon hose down to the sump, the sump could be flooded during a power outage. The water would continue to be pulled from the tank th

How to care for freshwater Goldfish

Goldfish are low-maintenance pets. Unlike dogs or cats, they don't require regular exercise or attention but they do need to a clean home and regular feedings. If properly attended to, the hardy goldfish can live a long, healthy life of up to 15 years.

Fishing For a New Aquarium?

According to one source, more than 60 million people around the world keep aquariums for fun or profit. These can range from a small glass desktop model to a multi-ton commercial design that is part of a museum or water park tour. Most homeowners, however, are looking for a conveniently sized aquari

A 20 Gallon Aquarium Can Provide A Lot of Enjoyment

A few years ago, I invested in a 20 gallon aquarium, bought an assortment of fish and decorated it up very nicely. It looked like something out of The Little Mermaid, and my kids were absolutely thrilled with it. What I did not realize at the time was how much enjoyment it would bring for years and

Is Ick Away Okay for Turtles?

Wardley Essentials Ick Away is an essential water treatment to prevent parasites and fungus from developing in aquariums. While "Ick Away" is primarily designed for the benefit of certain types of fish, it is also useful for certain kinds of turtles -- assuming you treat the tank appropria

Goldfish - No Longer Restricted to Royalty

Goldfish are now no longer restricted to royalty, being kept by the common people as well. Goldfish are curious fish that will quickly become bored without items or other fish to interact with. Goldfish are minimally territorial, so if your aquarium is already too small for one goldfish, it will cer

Supplies for a 55 Gallon Fish Tank

55 gallon fish tanks require quite a bit of equipment and supplies if you want to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. While small tanks and bowls require only an air stone and some oxygen, 55 gallon tanks, which are usually 48 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 21 inches high,...

Goldfish Breeding, Part 1

Each year, as the days grow longer in the springtime, mature goldfish begin the process of producing eggs in the females, and milt in the males.Many of these changes are triggered by increasing daylight and warmer water temperatures.

Fish Tanks Can Add Ambiance To Your Home

If you wish to buy a fish tank, you need to plan carefully in order to get the most suitable type for your home. There are two types of fish tanks which are suitable for most kinds of homes.

Buying Fish

I use to go into tropical fish shops and marvel at the inhabitants - too frightened to ask the "expert" what all the different fish were and what you need to do to start...there is nothing like feeling small in front of an expert. Or worse still being told rubbish by a so called expert!

How to Stop Algae Growth In Goldfish Tanks

Goldfish are inexpensive and easy to care for in home aquariums. One of the problems goldfish owners face, though, is controlling the amount of algae in the fish tank. Small amounts are beneficial to goldfish because algae is a source of oxygen and provides healthy nutrients to the fish. But an over

How to Feed Algae

Many people think of algae as a slimy nuisance, but we depend on this lifeform more than we may realize. According to "Introduction to Biology" by M. Melchor, algae have many medicinal benefits, potentially helping to fight cancer and inflammation. Algae thrive on sunlight and build necessary carboh

The Fundamental Aquarium Supply Products For Your Fish Tank Setup

Aquarium supply products include a variety of essential accessories and decorative objects to assist in the running of a fish tank setup. These are readily available in any pet store. The items that will generally be included in all aquariums include basic water filters, pumps, and lighting systems

"Out of the Box" Aquarium Kits

There is an increasing amount of aquarium kits being produced by manufacturers that have everything needed to setup and maintain a successful aquarium. Fish keeping enthusiasts (aquarists) are often quick to criticize these aquarium kits, with comments ranging from; they're too small to keep an