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Facts About Cockatoos

Cockatoos consist of 21 species in the Cacatuidae family, according to the San Diego Zoo. They originated in Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines. They were kept by natives as pets, but when Europeans colonized the area, they began capturing and exporting them to Europe and North Am

How to Hand Feed Birds With a Syringe

Feeding baby or injured birds is a delicate process that requires patience and concentration. It is not difficult to do, but can cause injury to the bird if you're rushed or failing to monitor the temperature of the food. Ask a vet or seasoned bird owner to assist in your first few feedings to ensur

Caring For Your Pet Bird

A bird can be a friendly, lovable and even lifelong pet. The key to enjoying your bird's company lies in taming him. When you first bring home your new bird he may be nervous and timid.

How to Prevent Birds From Plucking

Normally when birds groom themselves---a process called preening---they will use their beaks to clean each feather and remove sheaths where new flight and contour feathers emerge. However, when caged, some beautiful birds will be driven to over-preen themselves to the point where they pluck all thei

How to Combine Two Bird Cages

Many bird owners would like to provide their bird with more space than smaller cages allow or might be looking to join the homes of two of their birds. Since larger cages are often very expensive, you might be interested in combining two cages. You can easily do this on your own with some wire cutte

Bird Control in the UK

Birds may not seem to be your typical pest, but when they gather or roost in large numbers, they can be a problem. Birds can ruin areas by soiling on them, and in some cases, a large enough population of birds such as pigeons or seagulls can actually become a health hazard for humans nearby--for exa

How to Raise a Nice Rooster

Raising roosters can be a fun hobby when a new owner knows what to expect. Not all roosters are aggressive and difficult to manage. Taking good care of a rooster while he is a baby chick and nurturing him can result in easy-to-manage fowl. An easy-to-manage rooster can be used for show, to fertili

Bronze Winged Pionus as Pets

Tons of information on what it's like to care for and keep a Bronze Winged Pionus parrot as a pet. Read on to discover information about proper exercise for this species, feeding, temperament, and much more!

How to Care for a Cockatiel Bird

Cockatiels are related to parrots but are smaller than parrots. They have an attractive crest, a long life span, and the potential to be good companion pets if cared for properly. Cockatiels often live up to 20 years and are a hardy bird when in the right environment. The investment of time and care

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Range Map

North American bird range map for the ruby-throated hummingbird, showing the species' breeding and non-breeding territories as well as vagrant sightings and general migration range. Includes discussion of which habitats ruby-throated hummingbirds prefer.

South Carolina

Photo gallery of all 50 state birds, including when and why each bird was officially adopted, what states share the same birds and information about seeing your state's bird.

How to Mend a Bird Net

Bird nets are a useful tool for bird enthusiasts. Nets allow you to gently catch your favorite species of bird for close observation and examination. Most bird nets are made of soft, fine mesh that keeps even the smallest birds from escaping. Mending a bird net allows you to make use of an existing

Nectar Corridors for Bird Migration

Nectar corridors are a mosaic of vegetation habitats that provide crucial food resources for migrating birds. Each one of these habitat islands has the function of a "fuel station" for the birds while on their migration, which can be 1,200 to 4,000 miles.

Do Caiques Make Good Pets?

Are you looking for an entertaining pet? Consider a fiesty Caique! These charming little birds have stolen the hearts of countless owners, and their antics always provide a good laugh. Read on for more information about these little feathered

Red-Tailed Hawk Information

Red-tailed hawks, scientific name Buteo jamaicensis, are also referred to as buzzard hawks, hen hawks or mouse hawks. Hawks are birds of prey, or raptors, that have excellent eyesight and can not only see color but the ultraviolet range of the visual spectrum. They also have sharp talons and beaks,