12 Steps to Alcohol Recovery

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What Are the Treatments for Compulsive Eating Disorder?

Compulsive overeating disorders are also called binge eating disorders. Compulsive overeating disorders affect two percent of all American adults. Fortunately, there are many ways to heal this eating disorder, including therapy, group support and medical treatment. A person in treatment for overeati

Creating a stress free life and environment

Life has a tendency to not just put one issue in front of us, but sometimes many at the same time. When you are suffering from stress and anxiety it is important to understand that ...

The Yin and Yang of Strokes

Darkness in the aura indicates an absence of life force.And usually is the precursor of disease.When a person's aura is totally dark, disease or death is about to take place.

Steps for Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can make for a longer, more enjoyable life. Your self-image is governed by self-talk, a series of random thoughts that address the self. When these thoughts are positive, it can benefit the overall well-being of an individual. On the other hand, negative thoughts can cause unneces

5 Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Zone

Stress is a fact of life, however it has become a chronic and on-going way of life today. The constant stress we put on our minds and body is incredibly unhealthy and draining. Find simple ways to counteract the burden and damage by creating your very own stress-free zone.

How to Get Over Irritability

Causes of irritability are varied and numerous. For this reason, it is helpful to identify the most likely cause before deciding the best approach to eliminate the undesirable emotion. A process of elimination provides a logical game plan for determining the cause and best solution for irritability

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

If you know someone with a mental illness, depending upon their disorders it is possible that you may have heard this term. You may have also heard of any number of terms as well, however. Co-occurring disorders. Comorbid disorders. Co-occurring illnesses. Co-morbidity. There are a number of terms u

Medicare and Medicaid – Helping Stay Healthy

Medicaid and Medicare are two different terms. While these two health insurance programs are sponsored by the Federal government, they differ in their target beneficiaries and policies. Medicare is intended for those who are 65 ...

Natural Crystals and Stones - Their Metaphysical Qualities and Uses

Over the centuries, people from all over the world have been intrigued by the metaphysical qualities of stones, or more appropriately called minerals. It has been recognized that all that exists is in a constant state of vibration, and crystalline structures have a particularly stable vibration whic

How to Deal With Regret & Guilt

Guilt and regret are natural feelings that can inspire personal growth if you identify the reasons you feel them, understand why you feel them and cope with them appropriately in your life. They're natural, emotional correction tools that help you understand the mistakes in your life and provide a r

How to Troubleshoot EKG Leads

Cardiac leads used during an electrocardiogram (EKG) are essential for transmitting heart signals to the EKG machine. The machine provides a tracing of cardiac activity on graph paper, which a healthcare provider reads to determine heart health. Many factors play a part in the accuracy of EKG tracin

Managing Panic Attacks and Self Help Tips

Anxiety is a normal part of life and living that happens on occasion. There is a point however, where we may end up with too much and for prolonged periods of time.

Internalized Homophobia and the Poz Latino Client

This article is written for mental health professionals who encounter latino male clients who are HIV+. The article explores how to work with them more effectively and generate an atmosphere that is conducive to maximum therapeutic gains.

Children With Mental Problems - Suffer More After Drug Therapy

Mental illness in our young people is a serious problem with 27,000,000 postings on the internet under 'Mental Disease in Children'. As parents we should demand to know the statistics related to any drug prescribed, as with any other health measure, including vaccinations. We should have t

The Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center Industry

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) notes that substance abuse is a complex illness, costing society more than half a trillion dollars annually. Drug and alcohol treatment centers are designed to help substance abusers overcome their drug and alcohol problems.

The Disadvantages of Depression

According to Psychology Information Online, over 17 million Americans suffer from depression each year. Since depression affects both a person's mind and body, causing behavioral, emotional and physical symptoms, it can cause some serious consequences.

Finding Options To Your Relationship Problems

Loved ones are the 1st surroundings that influence us since individuals; and having household issues can result in troublesome along with separated lifestyles dampening each of our accurate potential. Therapist in Louisiana services offer counseling ...