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Prune Filbert Tree Information

The filbert (Corylus maxima), also called a hazel nut, is a species of hazel that is native to Southwestern Asia and Southeastern Europe and is grown commercially in Turkey, Italy, Oregon and Washington. Depending on how it is pruned, the filbert can be grown either as a tree or a hedge. Filbert tre

How to Grow Mini Fruit and Berry Plants on a Porch

If you have a limited area for growing fruits and berries, miniature fruit trees and berry bushes may be your best option. The type of berries and fruits that you can grow in your area depends on the climate zone that you reside in. Certain plants need particular conditions in order to thrive. Depen

Facts About Eucalyptus Leaves

The oily leaves of the eucalyptus tree, a member of the myrtle family (a flowering tree originating from Southern Europe and North Africa) have many useful properties. Full-grown eucalyptus trees have a large volume of leaves, which typically hang downward resulting in a characteristically patchy sh

How to Grow Calla Lilies in Pots

A flowering potted houseplant, the calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) provides a tropical look to any home. Gardeners also grow the calla lily as an annual garden plant in regions that suffer frosts or inclement winters. In subtropical or tropical locations, the plant will grow as an outdoor peren

Do I Need to Spray My Apple & Pear Trees in the Winter?

Dormant-season spraying of fruit trees with horticultural oils and other safe pesticides and fungicides usually is easier than spraying at other times of the year. When trees are without leaves, application usually is more thorough and successful. Spraying apple, pear and other fruit trees during wi

How to Use Aluminum Sulfate to Lower Soil pH

A soil pH of 7.0 is considered neutral. Soils with a pH above 7.0 are alkaline while those with a pH below 7.0 are acidic. Most plants, ornamental grasses and vegetables grow best in soils with a pH around 6.0 to 6.8, although blueberries and rhododendrons need a pH between 5.0 and 5.5. When soils a

How to Dry Borage

Borage has been referenced as a medicinal and culinary herb back to the time of Romans when soldiers would drink an elixir made from the flowers for strength and courage before battle. Its fresh leaves have a cucumber taste that can be added to raw salads or steeped lightly for tea. Borage is genera

The Best Climate for Plum Trees

Found throughout the United States, plum tree varieties are easier to grow and hardier than many other kinds of fruit trees. Plums not only provide delicious fruit for jams, jellies, pies, cakes and sauces, but also add a touch of beauty to your home landscape when they flower in the spring. The var

How to Grow Lavender from Cuttings

The fragrance and color of lavender evokes imagery of the rolling, sun-drenched hills of Provence, where it is often cultivated for use in perfumery, cooking and herbal medicine. Numerous species and cultivars of lavender exist, but all possess to some degree the intense, herbaceous scent and delica

How to Kill Aphids on Herbs

Aphids are small insects that typically thrive in large groups on plants such as herbs. The tiny insects appear as small black or green areas on the plants. Aphids can quickly damage herbs and render them unusable. Since most herbs are grown to consume, the aphids need careful removal to prevent dam

How to Plant a Flower Garden From Seeds

Few things are more beautiful than a garden full of flowers in various stages of growth and bloom. A flower garden can soften architecture and add value to property. The maintenance of a flower garden can also be a great way to get exercise while reducing stress. Another benefit of growing a f

How to Plant Beets & Carrots in a Container

Beets and carrots, both root vegetables, grow well in containers on a patio or balcony. Carrots that are well-suited for container growing include Little Fingers and any round or half-long variety, while Ruby Queen beets work best. With proper care, beets and carrots will develop in a container in a

The Varieties of Pentas

The Penta lanceolata, commonly known as the starflower, has lance-shaped leaves with a plethora of vivid, five-petaled flowers. The flowers can be red, white, pink, lavender, and purple. A tropical plant, pentas are tolerant to high heat and enjoy daily or twice-daily watering. Pentas grow well in a

How to Get Rid of Moles in Pasture

Moles are harmless mammals that live in underground burrows. Their large front feet and toenails allow moles to glide through the soil of pastures and gardens. Moles do not actually damage your pasture; in fact, they are helpful creatures that eat insects of all life stages. The University of Missou

Plants Native to Bonneville County, Idaho

Certain plants thrive in Bonneville County, Idaho.snake river canyon image by Albo from Fotolia.comLocated in the picturesque Snake River Valley, Bonneville County is found in the southeastern corner of Idaho and shares a border with Wyoming. Summer temperatures climb up to 89 degrees...

How to Transplant a Rose of Sharon Tree

The Rose of Sharon is also called althea or hardy hibiscus and produces large purple, red, pink or white-colored blooms in the summer and fall. It is a bushy shrub that is often pruned into a single trunk to resemble a tree form. Transplant Rose of Sharon later in the year than you would other shrub

How Do I Grow Bleeding Heart Plants?

Bleeding hearts are herbaceous, perennial shrubs. They grow in full or partial shade and well draining, rich, damp soil. Bleeding heart is the common name for members of the genus Dicentra. There are eight species in the dicentra genus, the most common being Decentra spectabilis. Decentra spectabili

What Effect Does Salt Have on Lettuce Seeds?

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a moderately salt sensitive plant. It is often used in bioassay experiments to test the levels of salinity in soil samples. Despite its moderate tolerance of salt in its growing environment, lettuce does experience the negative effects of increased salinity in its growing

Tall Camellia Varieties

Camellias are warm-weather shrubs that produce extremely attractive flowers, suitable for many landscaping functions. Use camellias underneath pine trees to take advantage of their ability to thrive in shady situations. This ability also allows their use in woodland gardens, where trees typically li