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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Second Hand Hot Tubs

While it may provide you with some saving in your initially purchase cost or to fit your budget constraint, do remember that second hand hot tubs may drive up your monthly operational cost to it's less tip-top condition or lack of efficiency. Consider well before you close the deal and remember

Pool Cover Options

A pool can be a fun addition to any home, but it also requires regular maintenance, and owners must take safety precautions. All pool covers are not created equal. The optimal pool cover for you depends on the pool type and budget, as well as what you would like the cover's primary...

How to Open Your Pool Heater

When winterized, the pool plumbing was drained and the drain lines were left open to prevent water from accumulating in the plumbing. Drain plugs may have been installed in areas where water may enter the heater during rain or snow. Open the pool heater when you open the pool or water will likely ru

How do I Hook Up a Power Flo II Series Pool Pump?

A Power Flow Series II pool pump is made by Hayward, one of the most-respected pump manufacturers in the pool industry. The pump has an inlet side that is fed water from the pool's skimmers. It also has an outlet side that feeds water into the filtration system before it is returned back into the po

Tips for Healthy Pool Water Chemistry

Having a balanced water chemistry is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance. If your chemistry is off-balance, you could suffer from cloudy, bacteria-infested water, which in turn can overwork the filter, pump, or skimmer.

Engaging The Community Again

In modern times, you tend to hear a lot people talking about how things used to be compared to how they are now. You hear people talking about how there used to be community spirit and how they felt safe in the community.

How to Set Up a 18' by 33' Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above-ground pools allow homeowners to enjoy swimming at home without having to dig and install a pool in their yard. While most pool sales businesses offer setup services as part of the sales package, it is possible to install an above ground swimming pool yourself. Home installation of a pool can

How to Backflush a Pool Filter

Swimming pool filters remove dirt and debris from the water. The most common type of filter uses #20 silica sand as the filtering media. Grains of sand have jagged edges that snag particles as they flow by. Spaces between each grain begin to fill up with trapped debris, reducing the available paths

Should You Use Chlorine in Hot Tubs?

A hot tub can be a source of pleasure and relaxation, but it can also be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that cause illnesses like Legionnaires' disease (see Reference 1). That is why it is critically important to keep your hot tub clean, and one very potent cleaning agent commonly used in sp

Is a Swimming Pool Liner Good or Bad?

A swimming pool liner adds color, design and protection.shadow in swimming pool image by Jo?¡êo Freitas from Fotolia.comLiners Offer Comfort, ProtectionFlexible vinyl pool liners cover the interior surface of a swimming pool, including the walls and floor. Along with providing a clean and...

How to Use Barley Straw for Pond Algae

Barley straw gained popularity in England for its use as an algistatic in ponds. Unlike some commercial algae-control measures, it is a natural remedy that will not negatively affect fish, fowl or humans. While it will not kill existing algae, it may prevent some species of it from growing. Apply dr

3 Most Common Kinds Of Pool Algae

No matter how much you love the sight of your pool on a hot day, over time, the pool will naturally develop algae within its water. To combat this naturally occurring problem, one must arm themselves with algae killer. But in order to destroy the bacteria, you must first understand it.

OSHA Rules for Grinding Wheel Handles

A grinding wheel is primarily used to remove scrap metal.A man grinding metal image by Coralie Palmeri from Fotolia.comA wheel grinder is a piece of machinery that's used primarily for removing or smoothing metal. A wheel made of an abrasive material is spun at a speed that allows metal...

Gourami Species for Aquariums

Gouramis are a relatively hardy and easy to care for family of fish, that are often kept in community aquariums. Learn more about the Gourami family in this overview that compares attributes of popular Gourami species.

Light Pool Liner Vs. Dark Pool Liner

A pool liner helps to hold or seal water in a below- or above-ground pool. It also can protect a pool's walls and floor. Pool liners are available in varying thicknesses (measured in gauge or mils) that are manufactured of vinyl or synthetic materials. They are sold in dark and light colors and in d

How to Refinish Fountain Stains

A fountain adds a decorative, sculptural touch to your yard or garden. Many homeowners prefer stained and sealed concrete fountains. Stain transforms the normally dull, gray color of the concrete and seal protects it from moisture damage. Over time, the stain may fade or start to appear outdated. Up

Add a Swimming Pool to Your Backyard Area

Many people with extra backyard space decide they want to add a swimming pool. In warmer climates, this can add financial value to your home, as well as increase your own leisure at home. A backyard swimming pool also makes a great venue around which to hold social gatherings. Whatever your reasons,

Dye Test for Toilets

If your water bill has been unexpectedly high, consider checking your plumbing fixtures for leaks. Dripping faucets are obvious and easy to spot, but a leaky toilet isn't always readily apparent. You'll need to perform a simple dye test to see if yours is leaking and running up your water bill.


A definition of the aquarium term acrylic

Pool Safety 101 - Making Your Pool Safer to Prevent Accidents

The advantages of having a beautiful private pool all come with a price. As a responsible homeowner, you should not only maintain it properly. You also have to make it a safe place or you and your loved ones. If you want to know some preventive measures that you could perform in order to avoid pools