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Modern Home Security

Some choices, using modern equipment, to make the home more secure.

Top Ways To Prevent Break-instop Ways To Prevent Break-ins

Have a good lock on your door. It’s best to have have two locks. The lower one is a “privacy lock” that you can lock if you are for example, watching kids in the front yard. The top lock is a deadbolt for security.

How You Can Effectively Monitor Your Home With Burglar Alarms

As unfortunate as it is, even the safest neighborhoods are no longer safe from thieves these days. Burglars will take any opportunity they can to enter a home without detection, in order to steal anything of value, which they then normally sell. Just the thought of a stranger entering your home, whe

Making Sure Your Home is Secure With Simple Fire Safety Tips

Risk of fire is a common concern. Many families take extra measures to try to decrease the chances that their home will fall victim to a fire. People not only fear injury or death to themselves or a loved one, but they also fear losing their home, all of their valuables, and their irreplaceable pers

Care for Cloudy Crystal Glassware

Most crystal glassware is meant to stay sparkling and clear, but true crystal can encounter difficulties that many types of glassware today do not struggle with. Over time, crystal can become clouded over, indicating deposits that can ruin the look and feel of the glass. Strong chemicals should neve

How to Hide Wires in Built-In TV Cabinets

A built-in TV cabinet provides space for storing a TV and accessories that work in conjunction with it -- for example, a satellite receiver or cable box. You can hide the wires that must be connected between television accessories and the TV so that they are not visible to those watching the TV. A f

How to Scramble an Egg

Scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple that you can enjoy any time of the day. They are a versatile comfort food that can be served alone, with other breakfast foods, on a sandwich, or with hollandaise or Bernaise sauce for an elegant Sunday brunch. You can add any ingredient you like to scrambled eg

Five Home Security Tips For Everyone

Are you overwhelmed with the number of home security tips out there? Yes, they could be from many different sources and following all of them may not be an appropriate thing to do. For you not to be confused and simply choose the ones that will work for your unique security needs, read below the fiv

How to Kill Bed Bugs With a Heat Gun

Bed bugs are persistent pests that infest the bed and other areas of the house and feed on you while you sleep. They do not die off easily and live as long as seven months while feeding off a host. They leave red itchy bites on your skin. Removal methods may have to be repeated as bed bugs can be br

How to Make PVC Storage Racks for Plastic Totes

Plastic totes are commonly used to contain clutter, but using multiple plastic totes can also create clutter. If you don't stack your plastic totes, you won't have to constantly move them around to find what you need. Organize the plastic totes with a storage rack that neatly holds the totes and pro

How to Determine the Age of Skeleton Keys

One-hundred-year-old houses and antique furniture such as China hutches and rolltop desks often had locks that would only function by using a skeleton key. If you're looking to buy or sell items with skeleton key locks, it is good to know how old they are so you can match the correct key to the lock

Hints for DIY Lock Floorboards

Locking laminate floors are a wonderful choice for homeowners who want the look of hardwood, but don't want to deal with nailing, stapling, gluing or sanding. This type of laminate floor is constructed so it can be installed over any rigid existing floor, and is held in place by the floor molding. A

How to Outfit a Kitchen for a New Home

You've taken the homeowner plunge. It's exciting but a bit scary. You need everything, and you have no idea where to start. Who knew that setting up one kitchen would be such a big expense? The best way to proceed is by having a plan and knowing what you really need to get things up and running.

Gun Safe; What Should You Primarily Consider?

The security appliance market has always been a crowded one. This has become even worse with the advent of online sites because manufacturers from all over the world are virtually at your door begging