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How to Wet Mold Holsters

Wet molding is a technique usually used when making a leather holster. Wet molding entails making the leather pliable by soaking it with hot water, and forming it around your handgun. The advantage of wet molding is that your holster is shaped specifically to fit your handgun. Wet molding can be don

How to Remove a Wet Smell From Drywall

A wet smell from drywall indicates the presence of a high concentration of mold. You can remove the mold, and thus the wet smell, by eliminating the infestation that has affected the drywall. Supplies from a hardware store or a home and garden shop will be needed, as will tools and supplies commonly

How to Restore Old Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a common building material for boats, bathtubs and sinks. This is because it is relatively light and inexpensive compared with porcelain. It also has a waterproof coating that will keep it watertight. This coating is referred to as gelcoat. If you are restoring old fiberglass, respray

How to Remove Shoe Polish With Rubbing Alcohol

If you've managed to spill shoe polish where it doesn't belong, for example on your clothing, couch or rug, you may find it difficult to clean. While the staining properties of shoe polish are necessary for polishing shoes, they are exactly what makes it difficult to clean out of fabrics. However, a

The Best Way to Insulate Around a Replacement Window

There are many options available to consumers wanting to insulate new replacement windows. Less expensive methods such as weather sealing and plastic film are good places to start. Cellular shades are a more stylistic choice. Regardless of what method you use, there is a type of insulation suited to

How to Remove Soap Scum From Drinking Glasses

Soap Scum occurs when soap bonds with hard water particles. It can create a cloudy or smudged appearance in your drinking glasses. A water softening system can be installed in your home to prevent soap scum. Some dishwashers have a special soap scum prevention cycle, but it may not always work if yo

How to Clean a Black Stove Top With Caked-on Gunk

Stove tops covered with old baked-on grease can be difficult to clean. If your stove has been used to do a lot of frying, the surface will gradually become covered in tiny drops of fat as the frying pan spits. These marks are easy to remove when fresh and can be simply wiped away. However, if they'r

How to Kill Mold on Studs

Since wood is an organic material, mold can grow on it very quickly. If mold is left on the wooden studs for too long, it will leave ugly stains and affect your health. To help prevent the mold from growing in the first place, make sure to keep the humidity level of the room it is in low. The best w

What Causes a Clothes Steam Iron to Drip Water?

A clothes steam iron that drips water ranks high as a household nuisance. Water that leaks from an iron makes a mess, forcing you to do extra cleanup. And if the iron contains dirty water, water that leaks from the iron could leave a stain on your clothes. Discover what causes a clothes steam iron t

How To Clean Dirt-Stained Baseball Pants

Baseball is enjoyed both as a spectator sport and one in which to participate. Whether you are a professional or just play for fun, it's likely you'll end up with dirt stains on your baseball pants from participating in the game. Many baseball fields have red clay dirt surfaces in the infield, but e

How to Clean Mold in a Bathroom Ceiling

Cleaning mold from a bathroom ceiling is complicated by the nature of mold. Rubbing mold transfers it to other proximate surfaces, where it will grow. A dime-sized section of mold contains millions of mold spores. It is important not to disturb the spores or they will become airborne and attach wher

How to Clean a Brick Sidewalk

Brick, commonly used for walkways, retaining walls and patios, comes in many varieties including red bricks and cement bricks. The process for cleaning brick is relatively the same regardless of the type of brick and the purpose of the brick. You should only clean brick when it becomes muddy or disc

The Disadvantages of Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is a farming method where farmers adhere to certain guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, such as avoiding the use of any synthetic pesticides. Organic foods have becoming an increasingly popular as a way to "go green." Proponents of organic foods...

How to Make Paint Run

Once the area is primed, one or two top coats of paint are either rolled or brushed over the area that needs painting to create a good solid color where no primer can be seen. A general rule of thumb is to not make paint run or drip. This is done by not placing too much paint on the roller or brush.

How to Clean Glass Oven Tops

A glass oven top is a cooking surface usually on top of a stove. The surface is flat and heats up in circular areas where a pot rests. Glass oven tops are convenient because they don't have raised burners that trap dirt and grease underneath. Instead, all the grime is on top of the surface and easy

White Vinegar for Mildew Stain Removal

You find mildew in nearly any area where water has the chance to sit and affect the surrounding surfaces. Check for mildew in bathrooms and basements and on tiled surfaces, linoleum, laminate and even wood. As it is a type of mold, it typically has a dark gray or black color and may look slightly fu

How to Get Rid of a Musty Smell From a Tub Drain

Musty smells are common in drains, especially the bathtub drain where large amounts of water and dirt are constantly washed down the drain. The dark, moist area inhibits mildew growth so you not only have the odor to worry about. but also the mildew itself. Use a cleaning solution that deodorizes wh

The Best Way to Polish Natural Marble Tile

You may have natural marble tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or throughout your home as flooring. Over time, natural marble tile begins to cloud and loose its luster. The best way to clean natural marble tile is to use delicate materials to keep from scratching it. Hard solvents can cause clouding or

Acid Stain Instructions

Apply an acid stain to any concrete floor in your home for a unique, decorative look. This transparent stain can be used for both exterior and interior surfaces. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, an acid stain protects concrete floors and won't fade, crack or peel. Most stains are water-based

How to Clean Stains From Shower Curtains

Stains found on shower curtains, especially ones that you haven't cleaned in a while, can be eliminated in a few ways, depending on their cause. Soap scum on your shower curtain, which naturally builds up because of everyday use, is one cause of shower stains. Excessive moisture and the damp, humid