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How to Repair a 3 Tier Waterfall Fountain

Knowing how to repair a three-tier waterfall fountain can restore your fountain for years of enjoyment. Common problems include flow issues, leaks, pump problems and cracks in the tiers. Depending on the style of fountain, its materials, its age, how it's maintained and the climate, the fountain may

Granite Vs. Quartz Vanity Tops

Vanity tops can be purchased or custom-made in a variety of materials. Two of the most popular choices are granite and quartz. To determine which material will meet your needs, you should consider appearance, durability and price.

How to Dry Plywood

Leaving a pile of constructed wood products uncovered in a rainstorm can severely affect the timetable of a building job. A leak can dampen household plywood and increase the risk of mold. Both plywood and its constructed wood brother, oriented strandboard, suffer from degraded structural performanc

How do I Install Tongue & Groove Porch Flooring Over Pressure Treated Decking?

Tongue and groove flooring can be placed directly over pressure-treated decking, but you will need to level it first. Once the decking is leveled, it is as simple as placing the tongue and groove pieces and securing them to each other. This is a job that any homeowner can accomplish. It is advisable

How to Put a Chair Rail on a Masonry Wall

A chair rail is a milled wood moulding mounted horizontally to walls about 30 inches above the floor. Traditionally it was used to keep chair backs from hitting the surface of the walls and marring them. Today chair moulding is used specifically as a decorating accent, not for utilitarian means. A c

How to Lubricate Screen Doors

Screen doors, especially sliding screen doors, have become quite common because they are cheap, practical and easy to use. Like anything else, they need to be maintained well as they will be constantly used. After prolonged use due to the amount of friction generated, they tend to become difficult t

How to Seal Cracked Ceramic Tile

A cracked ceramic tile looks bad, of course, and it can also cause damage to the whole tiled surface by allowing moisture to seep in under the tiles and loosen them. If the crack is severe enough that part of it is raised or the tile is moving, it will have to come out. Otherwise, you can seal the c

How to Figure How Much Hardwood Flooring to Buy

Hardwood flooring can give your home a stunning appearance. This flooring comes in a variety of materials and styles. It is sold in boxes containing enough planks to cover a certain square footage. Before buying your flooring, you will need to measure the areas of the floor you wish to cover. Using

Making Paper Lanterns

Using ordinary construction paper, glue and scissors is all that is needed to design these awesome paper lanterns. Make them as simple or fancy as you choose. Hang your paper lanterns over a strand of lights to give off a beautiful glow in any room. Or use them to decorate for a birthday party or ha

Solar Bird Baths & Fountains

A solar bird bath or fountain adds beauty, function and the sound of moving water to your landscape. These garden accessories are easy to install and provide a wide array of benefits.

DIY Stainless Kitchen Counters

Incorporating the clean, industrial look and functionality of commercial kitchens into your home's kitchen can be accomplished by installing stainless steel counters. A stainless steel counter is an affordable option to the higher-end stone countertop choices. Its nonporous surface is easy to clean

How to Trim Out Interior Window Sills

"Trimming out" a window generally means installing wood molding on all four sides, with the ends meeting in mitered cuts to form the corners. If there's a sill on the window, you have to adjust that design. There are many ways to trim a window sill, with one of the easiest being to butt the bottom o

Solar Power for Residential Installation

Installing solar panels is a good way to save on energy costs by harnessing the power and energy of the sun. There are many companies that sell solar panels, but not every company offers installation. Companies that do offer installation often charge huge fees. Installing solar panels is an inexpens

How to Repair Scratches on a Finished Wood Floor

Finished wood floors add beauty and warmth to the home, and are also strong and durable. Over time, normal wear will cause scratches on the finished wood; culprits include pet claws, moving furniture or dropping hard items on the floor. Scratches left alone for a long time become embedded with dirt,

The Salary of a Custom Upholsterer

Upholsterers make and restore furniture that has a fabric component. Custom upholsterers perform this service on a piece-by-piece basis, as opposed to within large manufacturing organizations. They often work with old furniture and seek to restore it while maintaining the characteristics of its age

Features of Parquet

Parquet floorthe wooden parquet image by Sobolev Andrey from Fotolia.comParquet flooring originated in France over 300 years ago and has remained a popular flooring choice ever since. The unique wood design combines the functionality of wood floors with the beauty of decorative flooring,...

How to List Your Address

If you are trying to sell your house without the help of a realtor, then you should place your house on sale by listing it in your local newspaper's classified ads. You will need to follow the set criteria the newspaper lists. However, keeping the basics in mind will take you a long way. Make sure t

How to Fix Drywall in a Doorway

Many homes built after the 1970s have walls constructed of drywall. Drywall is easier to install and less expensive than the old plaster-and-lathe walls standard in home construction before the 1970s. Damage to drywall can occur anywhere but it is most likely around doorways. You can repair damaged

How to Design a Vanity

Whether you are building a vanity yourself or hiring a contractor to make one for you, this project gives you the opportunity to use your creativity. Before you get carried away with the thought of designing a vanity, there are certain steps to take to ensure that you consider all aspects. After you