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How to Clean an Engraved Bronze Plaque

Bronze is a copper alloy commonly used for outdoor sculptures and other works of art, as well as engraved plaques to commemorate important people, places and events. Bronze is an ideal metal for such items because it resists the elements remarkably well and requires cleaning only once or twice a yea

Wildlife Habitat Grants

Groups can receive grants to help them with projects that intend to protect or restore habitats or prevent their tails habitat image by robert mobley from Fotolia.comWhether it’s a federal government agency or a nonprofit organization, there are groups that want to...

How to Explore Geography, Climates & Ecosystems

Geography, climate and ecosystems are three inter-related scientific features of the natural world, very much in need of more detailed study. This kind of activity need not always be delegated to the scientists of the world, for with a few simple tools anyone can make basic scientific readings. The

Why Does Humidity & Wind Speed Affect Evaporation?

Evaporation occurs when water changes from its liquid form to its vapor form. In this way, water transfers from both the land and water masses to the atmosphere. Approximately 80 percent of evaporation occurs over the oceans, with the balance occurring over inland water bodies, plant surfaces and on

Homemade Vertical Axis Windmill

Both the large windmills used by power companies and the old windmills familiar from postcard views of Europe are of the "horizontal axis" type, with the blades turning a shaft that sits parallel to the ground. This isn't, however, the only way to build a wind turbine. Vertical windmills -- also kno

Leif Erikson Crafts

Growing up, Leif Erikson probably lived in the shadow of his famous father, Norse explorer Erik the Red. However, Erikson showed the world that the apple didn't fall far from the tree when he became, according to some sources, the first European to set foot in North America during one of his voyages

How to Fly an RC Brookstone Silver Bullet Helicopter Upside-Down

The Silver Bullet radio-controlled (RC) helicopter available at Brookstone is a fixed-pitch aircraft, meaning the blades cannot change their angle of attack. Without the ability to change the angle of the rotating blades, a pilot cannot invert his helicopter during normal flight. Learn how to modify

The History of the Wooden Clock

Wooden clocks were not only practical but also works of art that dominated the European world of clock-making in the 16th through 18th centuries. These early clocks, although not as accurate as modern clocks, were a vast improvement over hour candles and sundials.

Scrapbook Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are an essential part of any scrapper's repertoire. Because so many types of cutting tools are available, it is good to know which tool will work best for the job at hand before you begin your page.

Elements of a Good Investigatory Project

Investigatory projects allow you to apply the scientific method to the world around you. They don't need to be expensive or complicated, but expect to put some time into planning and careful thinking. Every school has its own guidelines, so be sure to follow what your school specifies. In addition,

How to Make a Sketchbook & Moleskine Test Notebook

Moleskine notebooks are small, artistic creations with sewn seams that allow them to open flat. They normally have cardboard covers and are filled with different kinds of paper with rounded corners. Held closed by a piece of elastic, they are perfect for stowing notes or other bits of paper.

How to Make a PCB With a Laser Printer

If you want to etch a neat, professional-looking circuit board for your electronics project, you can make one without any expensive or hard-to-find equipment. The toner from a laser printer is resistant to the chemicals used to etch copper, and it can be transferred from paper to copper with a commo

How to Veneer

A veneer is a thin slice of wood glued or affixed to the surface of another piece of wood. The veneer is usually of higher quality and more expensive than the wood it covers. This technique is commonly used on larger pieces of furniture where using the more expensive wood alone would be cost prohibi

Plants Used to Create Ethanol

Much of today's ethanol is made from corn kernels.Chris Ted/Photodisc/Getty ImagesEthanol is essentially a form of grain alcohol. Typically mixed with gasoline, ethanol can increase fuel efficiency in motor vehicles, though it is not itself a fuel source. The most common mixture is 10%...

Shadow Box Crafts

Use shells from your last trip to the beach to decorate a shadow box.seashells image by from Fotolia.comShadow boxes make interesting crafts and great displays. Shadow boxes allow you to display ordinary objects in an interesting, three-dimensional way. Shadow boxes also...

Types of Metamorphic Rocks: Foliated Gneiss

Gneiss is a type of metamorphic rock, meaning it changed over time from a different type of rock to its current state. It has coarse bands of color that look like stripes of varying thickness. This is called "foliation" and is caused by the minerals that make up the rock. These minerals moved in a p

Caring for a Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap, or Dionaea muscipula, is a popular carnivorous plant that can be maintained as a houseplant, preferably in a terrarium. The traps of the plant secrete a sweet-smelling nectar that attracts insects. If an insect lands on the hair triggers inside the trap, the trap will snap shut, t

How Do I Convert Wood Into Charcoal & Electricity?

Charcoal is a fuel derived from wood. It is long lasting and efficient at holding high, consistent heat for long periods of time. It is used for many activities, from smelting to cooking. It is similar to coal, but not nearly as energy dense and carbonized, the main difference being that charcoal ca

What Does Sending "DTMF" Mean?

DTMF is abbreviation for Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency and refers to a technology originally developed by AT&T Laboratories in the 1950s and subsequently marketed as a consumer product under the Touch-Tone trademark. DTMF instructs a telephone switching system -- a system that routes telephone calls