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Savor Outdoor Activities And Hobbies With Small Children

The outdoors is a common passion of lots of people. Water sports is one of many pursuits that can be enjoyed while out-of-doors. Hiking is yet another. Outdoor hobbies are great for the mind as well as the soul in addition to undoubtedly, the body. The emotional state of someone can be tremendously

Does Child Behavior Modification Make Parenting Easier?

Being a parent is a challenge. There's no two ways about it. Being a good parent, or even a great parent, is an even bigger challenge. Children don't come with handbooks. They demand much of your time with very little, if any gratitude.

5 Rules For Teaching Your Kids Respect

If you've been searching for a truly powerful way to get your kids to communicate with respect, now is the time to make it happen. Let these family meeting rules guide you. Look inside to find out how.

Using Historical Maps to Pinpoint Big City Ancestors

Research in heavily populated areas such as cities practically requires you to localize your research using map and ward boundaries. Learn how and where to access these essential historical city maps (many online), and how to use them to pinpoint your ancestors.

Baby Boomers Concerned About Retiring - Many Looking At Costa Rica

If you are concerned about how you will make it on your retirement think about Costa Rica. Thousands of North American have retired in Costa Rica and would never live anywhere else, where the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in the U.S. and it's a very safe beautiful country.

Meet the 21st Century Single Mom

If you want to inspire your children to greatness, you must dare to be great yourself. If you want them to develop the skills to enjoy lives full of fun, joy, accomplishment, and the ability to overcome life's challenges, then you must make your own life an example. Whether you've become a

Ways to Understand Baby Crying

Understanding baby crying can help parents and caregivers to make the baby stop from doing so and to brig relief to their needs. Babies have their stages too, each stage is equally important in understanding the baby cries. Crying is the baby's language.

Group B Strep Infections in Newborns

Most people associate strep infections with sore throats. However, this hardy streptococcus bacterium can actually infect other areas of the body, such as a womanâEUR(TM)s vagina or rectum. In fact, you may not realize that ...

Teen Parent Gifts

Find the perfect teen parent gift.baby image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, there are over 400,000 live births for teens in the 15- to 19-year-old age group. Whether you are buying gifts for a baby shower or for a teen with an older...

How to Talk With a 3-Year-Old About Divorce & Moving

Talking with your child about an impending divorce does not have to be a traumatic event. Children are resilient, especially during the toddler and elementary school ages. If your 3-year-old is living with both parents in the home, he probably already has an instinct that things are not going well.

How Can I Make E-mail Management More Efficient?

American professionals spend up to 40 percent of the workday on email management and information storage, according to one study. That leaves little time to get the rest of your work done, much less to care for yourself or manage your family. Fortunately, you can dramatically reduce the time you spe

Child-Proofing Basics

The kitchen and bathroom are two of your home's most hazardous areas, where curious toddlers can easily find attractively packaged toxic agents.

Differences Between Abuse & Discipline

Parents need to know the difference between disciplining and abusing a child. It is easy to run afoul of the law if you are not clear on whether your interactions with your child are within safe boundaries. Follow some guidelines to make the difference between discipline and abuse clear, and you wil

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

In this age of two-income families and working mothers, spending quality time with your children may seem impossible. Demanding work schedules and never-ending housework seem to have taken over your life. There are several things that you can do to ensure that you are able to spend the time that you

Top 5 Tricks to Get Your Kid to Clean the Room Regularly

Many parents are frustrated when it comes togetting their kids to clean up their rooms and keep it that way. You are not alone if your kid enjoys playing and scattering all the clutter in his/her room, and then leave it that way until the following morning. Of course if you hate clutter, you'll

Step 5: Cut and fold along lines.

These adorable Valentine's Day cards are as fun to make as they are fun to share. You and your grade-schooler can create these pop-up cards for family, friends, classmates -- anyone on your Valentine's Day list!

Ashley Bunk Bed

Do you have any of these unsafe items in your home? Do you know anyone who does? All of these items have been recalled because they are dangerous to your children or your family. If you see a picture of something you own, stop using it immediately. Each image has a link to full recall information so