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Potato Stew

In this recipe, meat is not used for making potato stew and only pea is added for giving extra veggie flavor to the stew. The rest of the ingredients used in this potato stew recipe are more or less the same as in any other stew recipes found in South Asian, particularly Indian cuisine.

Dazzling, Decadent, Desserts For Your Chocolate Fix

Sometimes when entertaining only chocolate will do for dessert. Go all out with this sweet ending. It's doesn't get any better than chocolate. Make sure you use good quality chocolate as that will make a difference in your dessert between great and good.

How to Use a Crock-Pot to Cook Rice

Skip buying a rice cooker and save the time necessary for watching a pot on the stove by cooking your rice in your Crock-Pot, or slow cooker, as they are commonly called. Although some types of rice hold up better than others to the long, slow-cooking method, using your slow cooker lets you set it a

Food Storage - Saving Health and Saving Money

Food storage, if done properly, is actually a way to protect your health and protect the investment you have made in your grocery purchases. Not only is it a waste to throw away food that is stored improperly; but it can be hazardous to your health if you eat the food unaware it has been stored impr

What Are the Types of Oranges?

Fragrant and acidic, oranges can be used in recipes for food or drink, eaten by hand, juiced, blended and zested. With less than 100 calories and two-thirds of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C per fruit, it's hard to do better than the orange when it comes to healthy eating. There are many

What Should Be Included In A Kitchen Utensils List?

Most of us would be surprised to see a complete kitchen utensils list - the kitchen can't possibility hold them all! Naturally, because of ever improving manufacturing techniques and the diversification of our society, we ...

What Are the Differences Between Noni & Corossol Fruit?

Noni and corossol fruits have been used in alternative medicine in their respective geographical areas, but they differ in many ways. The noni fruit's Latin name is Morinda citrifolia but it is also known as the "Indian mulberry," the "Great Morinda" or by the moniker "Cheesefruit." The corossol fru

What Is a Sourdough Starter?

Sourdough starter is a healthier counterpart of yeast. It is found in many recipes for Artisan breads. But what is it, really?

Top 10 Thai Seafood Dishes

Thai food is famous all around the globe for its great taste and flavor. Even the most health conscious people like Thai dishes, because of its health benefits, like low cholesterol content, plenty of fresh ...

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

In order to make chocolate chip cookies, you will need the following ingredients: 1 cup of butter, or 2 sticks 3/4 cup of granulated sugar 3/4 cup of brown sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of ...

Beer: A Story Being Told Through Beverages Versus Words

I love beer and am a huge advocate of Avery Brewing Company. They are telling a story, one that began in 1808 (Goethe's Faust), revisited in 2005 with Mephistopheles and another chapter in the story of Faust with Margarete's birth in 2011.

Foods That Can Be Used for Thickening

A full-bodied soup or sauce can make for a more fulfilling and complete meal, especially on cold winter nights. Extra thickening ingredients can help to enrich soups, stews and sauces so that they are not too liquid or thin. There is a food that can serve as a thickening agent for almost all dishes

Life’s little pleasures

For many people Scotch whisky is a drink drunk best on its own. For them single malt whisky should not be mixed with anything else but drunk neat for a pure experience. Even mixing water ...

How to Cut Plantains

The thick skin on plantains should not dissuade you from trying this fruit. Though a fruit, plantains are used as a starchy alternative to potatoes, and like potatoes, they must be peeled before use, but the peel does not separate from the plantain as easily as it does from its brighter yellow, swee

When Your Emotions Drive Your Eating...

Have you ever felt the overwhelming need while sitting in front of the television screen in your favorite comfy clothes watching one more sitcom to get up and go to the kitchen in order to ...

Pasta Salad As A Healthy Alternative

Pasta has always been associated with weight and a heavy feeling. True, pasta is rich in carbohydrate, a food group most often than not, shunned by weight watchers. However, there are still people who find it hard to avoid this altogether. And they are right in thinking so.

Best Coffee Makers at Discount Prices

Let's be candid! In this time of economic hardship lots of people just cannot afford to acquire the latest and greatest best coffee maker on the marketplace. Nevertheless that is no reason to deny yourself ...

I Eat What I Feel

Have you ever felt the overwhelming need while sitting in front of the television screen in your favorite comfy clothes watching one more sitcom to get up and go to the kitchen in order to eat something more, although you have finished your dinner less than an hour ago.