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What Is the Meaning of Exclusive Jurisdiction?

Exclusive jurisdiction is an element of the division between the state courts and the federal court. Each part of the courts has exclusive jurisdiction over certain issues; what this means is that only that court can hear certain types of cases. The cases that fall under exclusive jurisdiction of st

Environmental Regulations on Oil Drilling in USA

The EPA, in conjunction with other federal agencies, regulates the emissions of onshore and offshore oil-drilling sites.oil rig at sunset image by Alan James from Fotolia.comThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for regulating the discharges of water, oil and gases...

Child Restraint Laws for Texas

Texas' child restraint law covers kids through age seven.flags image by palms from Fotolia.comTexas lawmakers decided to strengthen the state's child restraint law after the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) reported that between 2000 and 2002, there were 1,507 hospitalizations of...

Hawaii Child Restraint Laws

Residents who purchase a car seat can receive a $25 tax credit.sleeping in a car image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comHawaii state law prohibits passengers or drivers from holding infants or children in a moving vehicle, as doing so can cause death and serious injury. Children must be...

Who is Responsible for a Cracked Windshield in a Rental Car?

Damage to a rental car can usually be handled in the same manner as damage to your own car---with insurance coverage. In many cases, your own insurance covers rental cars, but in other cases, your credit card company will provide insurance protection. And, if neither of those are in place, you can s

Georgia Automobile Leasing Laws

Leasing a car in Georgia has the same insurance and registration requirements as car - model toy car image by alma_sacra from Fotolia.comGeorgia's laws for leasing automobiles are generally the same as those for purchasing automobiles, with some important distinctions....

Laws on Unlawful Possession of Marijuana in Deschutes County, Oregon

Marijuana use is highly regulated in the State of Oregon.Filling a cigarette with marijuana image by spiller from Fotolia.comThe possession of marijuana in Deschutes Country, Oregon is regulated by statutes set by the State of Oregon. Penalties for illegal possession of marijuana are...

Lemon Laws in Wisconsin

Wisconsin protects consumers with a state automobile lemon law. The Wisconsin lemon law specifically determines the vehicles that the law covers. When the motor vehicle meets the lemon law requirements, the manufacturer must replace the vehicle or refund the price of the vehicle, minus an...

How to Document a Boat

Boating documentation proves that you own the boat and that you have it properly registered in state in which you use it. Boating documentation allows the Department of Fish and Game and other state authorities to track boats. Owners who have proper boat documentation will find transporting boats th

Ohio Child Neglect Laws

Learn the rules about child neglect in OhioChild image by Serenitie from Fotolia.comEvery state has specific laws to protect children from abuse and neglect. Understanding these laws is the key to understanding your rights as a child or as a parent. The state of Ohio has several key...

What You Should Know About DUI in New South Wales

A New Studies Every single week, someone else obtains into problems for driving a motor vehicle while in a particular influence, whether these people were drunk or caught driving while within one particular impression of ...

How to Find Who Is the Sender of Mail

The reason that an envelope is so big is because it holds a lot of valuable information on it. Besides the correct amount of postage, an envelope cannot travel through the mail without the recipient's name and address. The upper left hand corner of the envelope is reserved for the sender's name and

How to Comply With Handicap Accessibility Standards

When constructing or renovating a building, it is common to inquire how to comply with handicap accessibility standards. Handicap accessibility standards are based in federal law, but are also specified in many state building codes. A failure to adhere to handicap accessibility standards cannot only

Illinois Veteran Grant Benefits

Illinois provides a veteran educational benefit program.state seal of illinois image by Jan Ebling from Fotolia.comIn the state of Illinois there is an education benefit program designed to help veterans of the United States Armed Forces finance their education. The Illinois Veteran Grant...

What Are the Florida Laws Against Poaching?

Florida has diverse wildlife, including plenty of alligators.sunning alligators image by Kurt Anderson from Fotolia.comPoaching is the the illegal taking of wildlife or freshwater or saltwater fish. It can be a serious offense in Florida, although it is not automatically a criminal act....

Residential Requirements for Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors in California

Smoke detectors save lives; they warn people when fire is near. Sadly, though, the National Association of Fire Protection says each year nearly two-thirds of home-fire deaths in the United States are the result of absent or non-working smoke detectors. Many communities have laws requiring the insta

Illinois Insurance Law

Illinois insurance law touches all types of insurance, whether through insurance company regulations or consumer regulations. All vehicle owners in Illinois are required to minimally insure the vehicle against personal liability in the event of an accident, for example. While new health insurance la