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DIY Butterfly Garden For Your Deck

Learn how to make a DIY butterfly garden for your deck. Why not enjoy the sights and smells of a butterfly garden right from your deck. Using planters and window boxes for your rail will allow you to attract butterflies to your deck with a DIY butterfly garden. Use planters, window boxes, flower, bu

Learn How to Prune Grape Vines - The Key to a Successful Harvest

Learning how to prune grape vines is an important skill to master because it will greatly affect your crop yield and the quality of your grapes. If you want to grow big, juicy, sweet grapes, it is important to properly prune grapevines every year.

Peonia Plant Care

The peonia plant is another name for the peony plant. Peony plants are perennial, shrub-like plants that grow from a root system similar to tulips or daffodils. The peonia has several different varieties, with each variety producing a different color. Pink, red, white, purple and yellow peonias are

Care of Spirea Bushes

Spirea bushes have 2- to 20-foot-long branches that grow toward the ground, giving the bush a waterfall effect. In the spring and summer months, the branches are covered from base to tip in tiny flower clusters in white, pink, red and yellow. Although all spirea lose their leaves in the winter, some

How to Install Termite Bait

Termites infest houses and buildings in colonies that rival beehives for sheer numbers. They feed on wood that makes up the framework and can cause massive structural damage. Houses that have been infested by termites can become unsafe from damaged and weakened wood. Because termites exist in coloni

August Gardening Tips and Snips

August can be a busy time in the garden, so why not read through these handy gardening tips to help you plan the month ahead? This month's 'tips and snip' include topics suc

Flowering Plants for House Borders

Select ornamental plants to border your house.Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty ImagesFlowering border plants provide a soft finish to the landscape while demarcating your property and separating it from your neighbors'. Although a variety of flowering plants exist, each with...

Vertical Blinds Are Perfect - Creating Enjoyable Working Atmosphere in Office

If you want to increase the working efficiency of workers by providing highly pleasant and enjoyable working atmosphere, then it is very essential for you to installs highly attractive vertical blind that will not only create cool atmosphere but also prevent dust and unwanted noise for keeping room

All You Need to Know About Watering Your Lawn

One of the most important parts of lawn care is watering. If you want your grass to be healthy you have to water it properly, but it is all too easy to over water or underwater it. Beginners are espec

Fast Flowering Plants

Dahlias produce large, showy flowers.Anna Yu/Photodisc/Getty ImagesUse fast-flowering plants to fill a space left bare by a plant that failed to thrive or perform as well as needed. Gardeners make up for a lack in fast-flowering plant options---or achieve even faster results---by buying...

Outdoor solutions with artificial grassing

Synthetic turf isn't natural grass but it is no less advantageous than its natural counterpart. It feels soft, supports footwear and needs no maintenance. Cheap artificial grass UK is the new

Herb Garden With Rosemary

Rosemary, also called Dew of the Sea and Rose of Mary, is a tender perennial shrub.There are many varieties of rosemary differing in flower color, height and habit. The prostrate forms are excellent in hanging baskets and cascading over stone walls, while the upright strains grow happily in garden b

Natural Yard Fertilizer

Natural yard and lawn fertilizers are available as store-bought products or are home-made. According to, many people do not realize the harmful effects that chemical-based fertilizers can have on their lawn, pets and groundwater. Chemical based fertilizers kill beneficial orga

Outside Fountains

Have you ever been out in public, and seen a fantastic fountain and thought, I'd like to have that in my yard or house. Perhaps it was displayed as an attractive piece of art work, a memorial