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Bridal Shower - 6 Ways To Create An Unforgettable Invitation

Why not make give your bridal shower invitation a different flavor by making it look like a concert or theater ticket? Print the title of your invite on one side and include the details (place, time and dress code) on the other side.

Ruby Wedding Gift Ideas

The 40-year wedding anniversary is the ruby anniversary.Old couple image by cegli from Fotolia.comForty years is a long time to be married; reaching the ruby wedding anniversary is a milestone to be marked not only by the couple, but also by friends, family and children. Now that the...

Unique Personalized Miniature Favor Gifts

Unique personalized miniature favors or gifts add flare to a wedding, party or group celebration. Instead of purchasing expensive trinkets which likely end up in the trash shortly after the gathering, opt for edible favors for the guests. Offer the guests a customized sweet treat which they will sav

Cupcake Party Games

A cupcake really takes the cake as a party game.funny cupcake image by coffee break from <a href=''></a>Sheet cakes may be the traditional party dessert, but they're not the only sugary treat to tempt partygoers. For a cupcake party, celebrate...

Alara Deck Ideas

The Alara block of expansion sets for the "Magic: The Gathering" trading card game introduces new cards and deck-building strategies for players. Three expansion sets comprise the Alara Block: Shards of Alara, Conflux and Alara Reborn. Players may draw cards from any of these sets when...

Learn How To Make Wedding Flowers: Can You Really Pull It Off For Your Wedding?

If you want to learn how to make wedding flowers in time to pull it off for your wedding, you will need a plan of action. Much of the work that goes into wedding flowers is all about the organization. If you can plan the flowers you will need, make lists of what you will need and a plan of action in

Wedding Knife and Server - Finding Your Perfect Set

Your wedding symbolizes the start of your new life, and as such there is a great deal of thought, care, and planning the goes into all of the festivities surrounding it. One of the most anticipated and cherished wedding moments is the cutting of the wedding cake, and as such not only your cake, but

Why Hire a Professional Bridal Make Up Artist

Finding knowledgeable makeup artist for prominent makeup is an imperative choice for a bride as the striking and faultless makeup add spice in her beauty and make her the centre of attraction. These artists have skills to alter a simple girl into a beautiful bride.

How to Make Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

Balloon bouquets make simple and eye-catching baby shower decorations. If you're planning a baby shower on a tight budget, a balloon bouquet will give the celebration space a pop of festive color without breaking the bank. Creating bouquets with balloons instead of flowers will save you money, and t

Casual Wedding Dresses - Tips For Informal Weddings

Demand for casual wedding dresses is higher than ever. The modern bride is looking for a more comfortable and affordable wedding dress, rather than sticking to rigid traditions of what a wedding dress should look like.

Brilliant Planning for Successful Corporate Events

Excellency and expertise are the key strengths of any professional organization. All your events whether big or small are planned and designed with perfection and mastery with our unique and impressive planning team. Our motive ...

Helpful Tips on How to Plan an Inexpensive Wedding Celebration

You can avoid yourself from spending to much if you would only consider some inexpensive options. Remember, to have a cheap wedding does not mean compromising your taste of style. There are inexpensive wedding ideas which still can be done with styles, and can show that money can be saved. Meaning,

Tips For Buying Pregnant Women Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses to fit pregnant women are not the 'norm' but there are more and more boutiques carrying them. Shrewd retailers are catering to this market and have some really great wedding dresses for pregnant ...

DIY: Bridesmaid Jewelry

When you are getting married, part of what you are going to need to think about is how to outfit your bridesmaids for your special day. Many brides spend a lot of money on jewelry and accessories for their girls. However, there are some things that you can do on your own for DIY bridesmaid jewelry.

Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

If you have started planning you wedding, you may have questions about finding cheap wedding favor ideas that are still nice and meaningful rather than cheap or tacky. Finding the right wedding favor for your ...

How to Make Easy French Decorations

If you're throwing a French cheese-tasting party or hosting any kind of event that celebrates or features French culture, you can enhance the spirit of the day by making a few easy decorations that are beautiful, charming and economical. You might have many of the necessary materials already tucked

Something about Wedding photography

Wedding photography, white silk wedding dress is a must have for every couple, hazy white silk dress with a romantic aesthetic, is every girl&#039;s dream. Good makeup style is that in the express

Chooseing A Wedding Videographer

Your wedding is the most important day of your life with the possible exception of the birth of your children. It is a day to truly remember and as such you may well want to have your wedding videoed by a professional wedding videographer. This can be an excellent way to relive the memories of your

How to Make Invitation Flyers

Many events warrant a party or big celebration. Instead of sending out traditional invitations, you could put a new spin on things and save a few bucks by making invitation flyers. These are simple to make and can be handed out or mailed. You can simply make these at home on your computer. Design th