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Filipino Girls - How to Behave When Dating Them

Let's firstly take a few moments describing the process of getting a date. Don't "ask" for a date. Don't even mention the word "date." You must have the mindset of a confident and self-assured man. Suggest to the lady in question that it may be interesting and fun

The Art of Approaching Women - Basic Tips to Help You Master It

Even though it may seem like approaching women is not something you are born with, most men have trouble with this simply because they fear that they will get crushed by rejection which could be a major confidence reducer. In this article discover the basics you should know to master the art of appr

The Safety OfTeen Online Dating

There are many predators out there in the online world just waiting to prey on unsuspecting young people, and it is important for parents and teens alike to understand the potential dangers that await them online.It is very easy for people to fall for someone that they have been chatting with online

Men Who Love BBWs - Skinny Girls Are For Wimps

You might think the title of this article alludes to the fact that a larger woman might require a physically strong man in order to handle her ample charms, but you would be quite wrong. In our popular culture, the media worships the beautiful, perfectly made-up, perfectly-coiffed, perfectly-dressed

What Kind of Women Do Men Avoid?

Better listen up ladies! The following tips are instrumental in stopping most men running for the hills! The verdict is in, our free dating sites opinion poll results have been published for your reading pleasure... ...

You're Keeping Yourself From Curing PE - Learn 3 Things You're Doing Here

Did you know that you're probably doing some things that are making your premature ejaculation worse? Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects nearly half of all American males at some point or another, and it can be absolutely devastating to anyone's life, especially if you find yo

2 Reasons Why Women Prefer a Man With a Larger Penis (Simple But True)

Are you struggling to understand what women really want in bed? Having a hard time separating out the fact from fiction when it comes to things women prefer in a man? If this sounds like you, don't fret ... many of the men who are reading this right now have their hand raised EQUALLY as high as

Diet and Semen Production - How Too Increase Semen Volume Naturally

Your food is not just something to tickle your taste buds. It is your source of a whole lot of essential minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats that your body requires to perform its functions properly. There are many minerals that your body needs on a daily basis and as far as male sexual funct

Make a Man Want You - Catch Any Man You Desire

Have you ever wondered how to make a man want you? Have you ever consider why it seems most men are attracted to a particular type of female? Have you ever wondered how to get that special man's attention focused on you?

How to Get Into the Underground Warehouse in "Pokemon Crystal"

When you first travel to Goldenrod City in "Pokemon Crystal," you will find that the entrance to the Underground Warehouse is locked and therefore inaccessible. Later in the game you discover that the crime syndicate Team Rocket is using the Underground Warehouse to hold the director of the Goldenro