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The Benefits of Reusable Bags

Did you know that plastic bags virtually never break down?Think paper is better?Think again.Why you should consider buying reusable bags.

Is Biodiesel Good Or Bad For the Environment?

Look at the issues surrounding the use of biodiesel including the good and the bad points and the effect biodiesel has upon the environment. What of the future for biodisel and the need to find alternative fuel sources that lessen the threat of environmental impact and should governments further emb

Going Green in the Kitchen

Not only is it important for businesses and government to practice environmental concern, but we, as individuals, have just as much responsibility. The NoteBaert Nature Museum hosts a multi-level Extreme Green House, inhabited by the fictitious and wacky Green family, who shows you how to be "g

Global Warming - We Are The Cause

We tried to find the cause of global warming for years. We kept on looking for things that might cause it and for facts that would serve as a good excuse but the evidence keeps on showing up. No matter how we deny it, the number one cause of global warming is us.

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Earth day is the day we all look at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint to protect and improve the environment. 20% of all greenhouse gases come from automobiles, so it makes sense to start there.

Even the Sub-Mariner Can't Stop the Rising Sea

Back during the Golden Age of comics, Bill Everett in 1939 conceived of the under-sea superhero Namor, the Sub-Mariner, as a scourge against evil. His target, initially, was the Nazis. Now, it may as well be the rise in sea level.

Who Moved My Water?

Federal investment in water and wastewater infrastructure will result in significant job creation in every region and state. The projected job creation per $1 billion of federal investment on a state-by-state basis is contained in a report available from the Associated General Contractors of America

How Lawn Care Has An Impact On The Environment

Lawns are a perfect place to sit back and enjoy a lazy afternoon on weekends. The lush greenery with a few flowers here and there is a perfect treat to everyone's eyes. Having properly trimmed grass on a regular basis has numerous benefits. If you are wondering how lawn maintenance and care can

The Truth About Carbon Credits Trade

A carbon credit can either be an emissions allowance, or an offset of emissions. There are three mechanisms under the protocol that a country or an operator in a developed country can use to accumulate greenhouse gas reduction credits.

The Cause of Tide Occurrences

Many people would be absolutely curious about what causes tides, especially at the position of the beach constantly hit by incoming waves. Generally the attacking of the tides onto the beach surfaces is caused due to the lower and higher height of the sea at different time intervals.

Take a Green Break - Try Greener Office Break Room Supplies

Fair Trade Certified coffees offer a better pricing to the coffee farming families for their harvest than they usually get in the market. This ensures that get a decent, living wage to the farmers, but at the same time they strictly monitor environmental stewardship and prohibit usage of hazardous p

Climate Control - The End of the World as We Know It

Air conditioners have been found to be chronic contributors to the greenhouse effect and global warming. There are some energy saving hints that you can use to minimise the amount of damage done to the environment so that you can enjoy your climate controlled interior with a clear conscience.

Climate Change Factoid - How Do We Fix it? - Part Three (#15 of a Series)

There's a problem in the way we allow new technologies to emerge. Fossil fuels, when first suggested as an energy source, were perfectly legal even though the scientific community knew at the time that their use would cause climate change. The same thing happened with chemical fertilizers and n

Food Security - How Will We Grow Enough Food?

The world population clocks tell us that there will be 7 billion people on earth sometime in the middle of 2011. Each one needs to eat at least 2,000 calories a day or starve. The question is how are we going to grow all that food?

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Plastic Shopping Bags

The number of humans on this planet, and the ways we manipulate our environment to suit ourselves, are having an unprecedented impact on the natural world. One of the environmental sins that has been prominent for quite some time is plastic bags.