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How to Write a Braided Segmented Essay

A braided segmented essay weaves together different styles of writing on a common theme and separates them by pauses of blank space. For example, a braided segmented essay on pet ownership might begin with an amusing anecdote about a dog followed by a pause, then move to an interview with a veterina

Creative Writers - Write Transition Sentences Better!

Creative writers and journalists sometimes have the problem of smoothly transitioning from one paragraph to the other, especially when they are changing the subject. This is a learned skill that is not hard to master. By the time you read this article, you will fully understand the trick to it.

Should You Sign That Book Contract? Part One

The first time I was offered a book contract, I left footprints on the ceiling after my happy dance. After years of writing and polishing my novel, and another year of rejections and situations where I came close but left disappointed, I finally had papers in my hand certifying that somebody wanted

Best Article Writing Tips For Expert Skills

If you wish to exercise your best article writing skills, first recognize the difficulties that influence your direct group. If you focus on the problems faced by others, it is likely that you can simplify the process of choosing your article topics. If many people face the problem, then many will r

Three Quick Tips on Article Marketing

As we all know article marketing is the code which the internet itself thrives on. The god father of online marketing is through articles and once you're able to tap in to this medium you'll begin to experience traffic that has been flowing since the dawn of the internet. It's seems a

What Makes Your Content Effective for SEO?

While creating SEO content, as a content writer you must remember that even though you want search engines to find your content and rank it higher, you are writing for the people who will read it. If your writing answers your readers' questions and provides them with value, you are an effective

How to Create a School or Class Web Page

The Internet is becoming increasingly prevalent in classrooms, and many students also have computer access at home. A class Web page is a helpful tool that can make assignments accessible to students and school within computer reach of their home base. Creating a useful class Web page that will meet

How To Use An Organic Primer For Your Face

Some facial primers may be a tad too expensive for women, so you must also be wise when buying a primer. If you have a tube of primer, make sure to use your fingers when applying it on your skin. Using a sponge or a brush may just waste a big amount of the primer that should have been applied on you

Sofa Bed Reviews For You

In recent years, sofa bed reviews are becoming more and more popular amongst residential consumers. Sofa bed reviews are cost-effective as they have two functions for the price of one. They act as multitasking furniture that saves you not only space but money too.

Article Marketing - Are You Making These Mistakes?

Article Marketing is a great way to get the word out about yourself and your business. Even people that have never written before are finding success writing short informative articles and marketing them through Article Directories. The great thing is you don't have to be a professional writer

Top Tips For Writing Killer Ad Copy

If you are advertising your product online, you will need an ad that will grab the attention of potential customers and convince them to buy. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

Your Unlimited Freelance Writing Opportunities - Which Will You Choose?

The writing world is changing fast. If you're limiting your opportunities to a single writing market, like magazines, you're missing out. In this article I'll give you an overview of great opportunities for writers, both new and experienced, where you can make money writing TODAY.