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Modigliani Paintings

The success of Amedeo Modigliani is shown in the popularity of handmade painting and print reproductions that many thousands of art lovers buy and order every year, meaning his art lives on in many homes and offices around the world. This article uncovers the secrets behind his success and discusses

4 Tips to Attract People to Your Paintings

Why do some paintings attract people to them, while others keep the viewers walking past them? In many cases it is the lack of interest created by the artist's failing to understand how to make the focal point engaging enough. There are four things on which every artist needs to concentrate to

A New Trend in the World of Painting: Abstract Art

If you are fond of paintings then you must have seen many saying €wow€ to various paintings or art works. You must have seen many people discussing about the phrase i.e. abstract art. So, what ...

Botanical Painting - Long Queues at Kew?

It is an astonishing fact that if you had been born in Europe during the 16th century, the size of your known world would have doubled. Just imagine: within your lifetime you would have had twice your horizons to explore, to exploit, to explain. The great voyages of discovery, driven by maritime pro

Color Pencil - Know Your Color Pencils

Drawing with the help of color pencils appeals to many artists. Drawing with color pencils is very easy as you are very comfortable to do the right angles, and if you want to include some sort of text in your drawing it is not possible with the painting brush. Although not all types of drawing quali

3 Great Distinctive Tattoo Design Layout Concepts

With regards to discovering that special cool Tattoo Design design concept that satisfies an individual probably the most, chances are you'll recognized it truly is just like looking in the enormous looking retail store. The ...

Learn Calligraphy Today

Calligraphy can be mastered by anyone. Like all other skills this is an excellent skill to master, it is also very easy to learn calligraphy. Calligraphy is a skill that many people feel envious of. It makes invitations, menu's and posters look extremely elegant and beautiful.

Personalize Your Things With Water Transfer Printing

In the era of mass production, the only way to escape the global crowd of similarly looking items is to have your things personalized. One of the most popular techniques used today is the water ...

Where to Select Good Paintings

Nobody can think about a life without art and culture. Actually art is an extension of man's imagination. It can be expressed in forms of sculptures and paintings. Each painting shows how the world is visible in the eyes of the painter. There is no doubt that landscape paintings and other types

Reborn Dolls - Helpful Tips

Creating Reborn Dolls, is a very addictive absorbing hobby, where you can bring vinyl doll pieces to life. I would like to share some valuable information with you and show you some different Reborns. You may like to know how I first became interested in reborning, and you also may pick up some very

Get In Touch With The Culture Of The First Australians

Australia has a rich and diverse indigenous history that too often gets ignored, mainly due to a lack of exposure. Luckily, there are now an increasing number of ways in which you can experience and ...

5 Benefits Of Buying Wall Art Online

Buying canvas wall art from an art gallery or your neighborhood art store is fun but can cost you more than buying art from an online art store. It is enjoyable to hop from one art gallery to another in search of the perfect painting for your living room or bedroom, but it also takes a lot of fuel t

Looking to Improve a Party Or Wedding? Look at Printed Banners For Them

Most people associate the use of printed banners as a means of advertising events, companies or businesses. This is because they are positioned in numerous places around the community including shopping centres, along roadsides or hanging from bridges displaying a consortium of publicity needs. A re

How to Make Your Own Abstract Canvas Art

If you cannot find a piece of abstract canvas art that you like from a gallery, do not worry about it.You can make your own abstract canvas art.

Types of Airbrushes Available For Airbrush Art

When doing airbrush art there are various types of airbrushes that you are able to choose from. Depending on what you are actually creating will likewise determine what airbrush you need.

Caring for Your Plastic Banner

After you have chosen to buy a beautiful plastic advertising, you will need to be prepared for the routine maintenance associated with this new marketing device. Check this PVC Banners.

Top Reasons to Buy a World Map Poster

The modern world is a close knit one. Many businesses have offices in various countries while others do business with foreign companies.