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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 13- Ke Kinohi

When McGarrett's sister is kidnapped and his father's Champ box stolen from his apartment, Steve and Five-0 discover new clues in his mother's murder, including possible tie

Star Trek Movie Review

Star Trek Movie Review - PlotIn the year 2387, the galaxy is threatened by a supernova. Ambassador Spock pilots a Vulcan-commissioned ship carrying red matter” that can create a gravitational singularity, drawing the supernova into a black hole. Spock succeeds, but not before Romulus, t

Holidaying With Dish Network

Dish network channels are not just for the times when you are bored and holed up at home. At times when you decide to go out for a holiday, it becomes difficult to part with ...

Dinner For Schmucks - Review

Dinner For Schmucks was a pure delight from first course to dessert. However, for those of you who don't know about its origins, here is a quick history lesson.

How Does a Reality Show Pick a Cast?

Casting CallFor most reality shows there is a general casting call announced in a variety of media, including radio stations, newspapers and websites such as Craigslist. These casting calls are done in major cities at key points in the United States to maximize turnout: New York,...

Creating and Pitching A New Cartoon Character to Networks: Strategies

Cartoons have developed popular followings throughout the years, first beginning as small animated shorts and then later developing into full length movies. The characters are often exaggerated versions of human beings and put in a variety of different comical situations that highlight certain eleme

'Dan Vs.

Dan Vs. is part of the grown-up fare on The Hub. Read this review of Dan Vs. and learn more about the cartoon.

Movie Stars Through the Ages

During the Golden Age of Movies, from the thirties to the fifties, all-out glamor was the trend, and every woman who went to the cinema wanted to look like her favorite movie star. Marilyn Munroe with her platinum blonde hair or Rita Hayworth made being a redhead very popular.

A Taste of Hell - 1973

The screen rolls in...a vibrant yellow font appears to you and reads: Philippines 1942. You become unfamiliar with your surroundings as you discover your no longer in America. This low budget WW2 epic depicts a group of Philippine militia warring with the more powerful and violent Japanese army. You

800 lb. Man

Robot Chicken Pictures - Adventures of the 800 Pound Man

Collecting Celebrity Signed Checks

Collecting checks signed by famous people is a fascinating hobby enjoyed by many autograph enthusiasts around the world. Autographs on checks have special appeal because the signature on the face of a check is usually authentic, the autograph is on a document that is easy to store and maintain, and

Principal Advantages of Satellite TV

If you purchase a service through communication satellites to watch TV, you will have a unique experience for those who have traditional or cable viewing. With satellite TV, receives a much larger set of services and channels and some channels that are available by subscription.