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Ghostbar Dayclub Las Vegas

If you missed out on Ghostbar Dayclub in 2012 then you really do not know what you are missing. Ghostbar Dayclub is absolutely unlike any other club or party you will find in Las Vegas which is a big part of why it was so popular.

Source Of Music

Music is a collection of sounds. It is a wonderful gift to human being. It makes us feel happy or sad. By hearing the melody music the human get relaxed and get energized by hearing the fast beat music. It is a wonderful medicine for the human

Enterprising Guitar Teachers: How To Market Your Services

Not all students who are interested to learn the guitar automatically know how to reach guitar teachers. They need to rely on some advertisements or referrals from friends to find out possible schools or guitar teachers who can teach them the art of playing the stringed instrument.

Adult Guitar Lessons: Can You Really Learn Guitar "Over 50"?

Recently I received a phone call from a guy in his 70's who asked me (rather sheepishly) if it was "too late" to start learning to play the guitar; to his astonishment I replied "when do you want to start!" As it turned out this fellow had been a music instrument representat

Violin Lessons 101: Developing Hand Skills in Violin-Playing

The job of violin teachers is not easy considering that they have to deal with different issues of their students. Developing dexterity, control, and coordination is quite difficult especially for beginners, but these skills are ...

Learn Guitar Scales - How to Best Utilize Your Scale Practice

When learning guitar scales, the way you practice your scales will have a big impact on how well the scale integrates into your playing and improvisation.Here we detail an important set of steps to help learn your scales in a way that will be most effective.

Jimi Hendrix

Many people claim Jimi Hendrix to be the greatest guitarist ever to pick up the instrument. Undoubtedly, he was one of the most creative and innovative rock musicians of all time.

Hints And Insights For Learning How To Play The Guitar

This article describes some of the basic important stuff that every guitarist should take note. This is part of the series of free online guitar lessons for beginners and newbies by

Music Downloads for MP3 Players

If you have bought a nice mp3 player and you are wondering about precisely what you may have to do to begin listening to awesome music, then this article is an excellent read to begin. ...

How Trumpet Mouthpieces Affect Sound

A mouthpiece is the part of the trumpet that comes into direct contact with the player's mouth. Removable from the main body of the instrument, mouthpieces come in many widths and depths. Every slight variation affects the quality of the trumpet's sound. Professional trumpeters may own dozens of mou

Best Ways to Learn Guitar Online

What do most people think about when they think of a rock and roll star?Big hair, a big mouth, and a big six string guitar!It's the number one rock instrument of all time, yet most people don't ever take the time to learn how to play.

Tim McGraw

View photos taken at Tim & Faith's Soul 2 Soul Tour show at Sacramento's Arco Arena on August 12, 2006.

How to Buy Multitrack Tape Machines

Multitrack tape machines are analogue multitrack recorders, which create a warmer, more vintage sound then their modern digital counterparts. Also, because analogue has been superseded by modern recording formats, the price of these tape machines are dropping all the time. If you play music in a ban

3 Tips On How To Play Violin

Knowing how to play violin is like getting yourself on the road to musical success quickly and effectively. It's like mapping out your plan of action or progress as you begin the exciting and challenging journey of playing a musical instrument. In this articles I am giving you what I think are