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There's No Shame In Depression

The facts made known to us through the branch of existentialism explain our struggles. We are alive but for a short time, and whilst we lament that we will soon and certainly die, we often lament just as much that we are alive. These are truly dark realities. Those given to depressive episodes - a d

Preventing Depression

Can depression be prevented? Get the facts from the experts at WebMD.

What to Do For the Period of Panic Attacks? Some Essential First-Aid Steps

A panic attack exhibits itself in massive physical and mental discomfort, generated by various natural components. It may be something infrequent, as some persons can experience panic attacks only once in their lives.A couple of situations however, take place to people undergoing anxiety or panic di

What I Do in Times of Depression

You might find the things I do during bouts of depression could work for you if you suffer from depression.At the least I hope they will help you in some small way.

How is Depression Diagnosed is an Everyday Question

Depression has always been considered as one of the worst health conditions that a person can be subjected to. This is a health problem that affects your mood swings and eventually leaves you feeling hopeless, unwanted, unworthy, sad and emotionally disturbed.

Group Therapy

What is group therapy and how can it benefit you?

What You Need to Know About Depression

Are you always sad and gloomy? Have you lost interest in the activities that you normally enjoyed? Do you feel guilty or pessimistic for no real reason? Are you becoming upset easily and having thoughts of inferiority? If you answered yes to all these questions, you might be experiencing the physica

Suffering from Depression? There is Hope and Help Available for You

It may surprising to learn that as many as 20 out of 100 people experience clinical depression every year. These aren't the normal blues most people experience at one time or other in their daily lives, usually related to a specific event or circumstance. The clinically depressed person has sym

I'm Depressed - AreAlternative Depression Medications the Answer?

The short answer is a resounding yes! Looking at my two depressed friends who have been on anti depressant medications for a lifetime, I am now more convinced than ever that the only way out for them is a comprehensive type of treatment which combines diet, exercise, therapy and medication, preferab

Causes of Depression Still Not Known

Before we get into the causes of depression, let's make sure you know that depression can strike anyone at any time. No matter how smart or strong you are. Your age, gender, the color of your skin - it doesn't make much of a difference. Statistics however, show that depression occurs twice

Getting Started: Exercise for Depression

Exercise may be as effective as medication in treating depression. Any type of exercise is helpful. These 6 tips will help get you started with an exercise program.

Living With Depression

Living with Depression is a hands on article giving you my experience with depression. I hope the tips and ideas I give you, let you know you are not alone, and may help you deal with everyday living.

How to Beat the Winter Blues by taking a Bubble Bath

This article is one for the ladies out there, all you wonderful Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers and others. How often do you find yourself stuck in the house on them cold winter days, suffering from the winter blues? I bet you said quite often, if you did, then your answer is like that of a

Study: Fish Oil Doesn't Affect Postpartum Depression

Taking fish oil (DHA) supplements during pregnancy does not appear to reduce the risk of postpartum depression of mothers or boost the language development and cognitive skills of their children, according to a new Australian study.