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Five Cruise Destinations You May Have Overlooked

People all over the world are finally discovering the advantages of taking a cruise vacation. For one, all of the planning is done for you. You get to travel to multiple destinations without having to worry about finding transportation or hotels.

All Aboard Your Next Luxury Cruise

Every month there are many cruises out of the port of Galveston to destinations like Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and other European destinations. The Ecstasy and Conquest ships of the Carnival cruises offer 4 to 7 day trips. There are ample entertainment options and activities onboard the cruises to

Boat Lifts – Easy to Install and Practical!

The significant progress made in all industries and aspects of modern life also applies to the boating industry. The past thirty years have been especially prolific. A combination between fresh method

Ocean Cruises for Singles

Singles can take cruises specifically for other unmarried people.cruise ship image by Brett Bouwer from Fotolia.comSingles of all ages can find activities, groups and even vacations to participate in with other singles. These activities are designed for meeting other singles, enjoying...

Cheap 5-Day Cruises

Treat yourself to an affordable adventure on the sea.cruise ship image by Roy from Fotolia.comIf you are interested in going on a budget-friendly vacation, but looking for more than a weekend getaway, a five-day cruise may be your ticket to relaxation. There are a few cruise lines that...

Costa Pacific - Grand Bar Rhapsody

Photo of the Costa Pacifica Grand Bar Rhapsody, which is the largest dance lounge area on the Costa Cruises' Costa Pacifica cruise ship

Rainy Day on Devil's Island

Picture from the old French penal colony on Devil's Island in the Salvation Islands of French Guiana off the coast of South America

Baja California Cruise, Attention Whales watchers

Baja California cruise is unique. Apart from enjoying the cruise you can have the rarest of the views of whales on the way. Due to the habits of this giant mammal whale watching Baja California cruise

Celebrity Cruises - How to Make the Most of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is no doubt a one of the world's most inspiring destination. There is a magnetic appeal in this region due to diversity in cultures, language, landscapes and cuisines. You can make your Caribbean cruise fantastic by participating in different pleasing activities like walk on mount

Cruises - A Great Way to Relax

On the day 4 you will begin your ultimate Norwegian Cruise from Flam. You will sail to the Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord listed as a World Heritage site. It is the most beautiful and the narrowest fjord in Europe. The Naeroyfjord is a wildlife reserve and a part of the Sognefjord.