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How to Hide the Bar Below a YouTube Video

YouTube is a website that allows registered members to upload videos for visitors to watch. It also serves as a directory where you can search for a particular video or browse category to discover other user-uploaded videos. YouTube places a control bar below every uploaded YouTube video so you can

ROWID in Oracle

A ROWID is a system-generated unique identifier that is created for every record in the database. This binary value is the address, or location of the data in the system. A ROWID can be physical, as is the case with records in a standard database table.

HelpDesk & Asset Management Software - Choosing The Right One

If you are to buy a HelpDesk & Asset Management software, ask the following questions before you make the decision.- Does it offer you a comprehensive Help Desk functionality?<br>- Does it allow you to build a Knowledge Base that can be easily & thoroughly searched?<br>- Does it allow yo

How to Use LAME With MediaMonkey

MPEG Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a lossy audio file that provides for maximum storage while sacrificing sound quality. LAME is a particular software codec that allows to encode or compress audio files into this MP3 format. Media Monkey is an audio file manager, similar in design an

How to Export a PowerPoint Slide As JPG

PowerPoint is the presentation software in the Microsoft Office suite. It is widely used to inform and educate audiences with graphics, text and animation effects. PowerPoint slides can save the time that would normally be used to verbally explain data. If you've created a slide that you would like

The Issues Microsoft Windows Need To Solve Soon

Microsoft had planned the launch of Windows95 in 1995. Then in the year 1998, Windows launched its new operating system, Windows98 which was better than the previous version. But one could not ignore the fact ...

Compliance Monitoring Software

Businesses must constantly develop and improve their security processes in order to remain compliant with federal and state regulations. Compliance monitoring software helps your business to meet these mandates. For example, it can monitor computer usage during and after hours.

How to Update NVIDIA Graphic Card Drivers Automatically

NVIDIA graphic card Drivers are very vital for the smooth running of most computers these days.. There are latest updates released by the manufacturer of the drivers on regular basis. If you don't update the card drivers, they are likely to cause different kinds of display problems on your syst


Define LDA - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

What Information One Must Input In A Bug-tracker?

Tester’s work is to find software bugs during mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing and document them correctly. Bug-tracking instruments are almost always used for recording and managing errors in software products and coordinating efforts of the testers and the deve


Define ntfstools - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Best Practices For Managing The Risk Of Cloud Services

Use of these services can come with significant security, legal, and business risks, especially when they are procured and managed outside of IT’s visibility and control.In this whitepaper, we will share the best practices used by real companies to reduce the risk presented by the use of appro

How to Find a Key Frame in Windows Media Encoder to Trim a File

The Microsoft Windows Media Encoder is an application provided by Microsoft for capturing and recording streaming media, or producing audio and video data from various sources and converting the media into the Windows Media format (WMA, WMV). Video data is expressed in “frames” in the Wi

Leverage The Strength Of Powerpoint Maps

When a person is running a presentation and they utilize powerful PowerPoint features such as graphs, illustrations and PowerPoint maps, they will find they are able to portray their ideas and concepts more easily. These days it is very easy to acquire high quality PowerPoint maps to include in your