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How to Start in DOS Mode on Windows XP

Windows has a lot of great features to help with troubleshooting, but sometimes an experienced user needs to get to the DOS prompt and look around to find the problem. You can access the DOS prompt, or Command Prompt, as it is now known, via the "Safe" boot process. Once there, you can do most anyth

How to Disable the F1 Key

Computer users familiar with Windows operating systems are usually quite familiar with the F1 keyboard shortcut to reach the Windows Help and Support Center. While the shortcut can be a convenient feature for those that utilize this resource frequently, it can be annoying for more experienced users

How to Change the Network Key in Windows XP

Once you enter a network key into your Windows XP computer, that specific key is stored in the settings utility that represents that connection. If that key ever changes, you will find that Windows XP will be unable to connect to the network. This is because the old key still remains in the settings

How to Use a DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner is a Windows-based program designed to make exact replicas of video DVDs. You should use DVD Cloner only on DVDs you made yourself with your own video footage. Using it on copy-protected DVDs, such as those purchased at a local electronics store, is illegal.

How To Copy Favorite Files to a CD Using Windows XP

Computers are a great place to store pictures, music and other important files. However, computers aren't flawless, so it's a good idea to back up your information. This way, you don't lose your files forever if your computer crashes and you aren't able to start it back up. Flash drives are one way

How to Install the Fail Cumulative Update KB963027 for XP

Microsoft knowledge base article KB963027 references a large security update released in 2009 for several versions of Internet Explorer. The update also resolves issues with the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker and certain webpage elements that can cause the browser to slow down or crash unexpectedl

How to Force a Repair in Windows Vista

When Windows Vista fails to start properly, it may be due to user error, a virus infection or a corruption of the system files. You can force the computer to perform a startup repair procedure by booting from your Vista installation CD and choosing the Startup Repair option. This fixes any problems

How to Upgrade Glass on Existing Wood Windows

Upgrading the glass in your old wooden windows can greatly increase the overall energy efficiency of your home by saving you money on heating and cooling costs. Modern window glass is available with a microscopic coating that helps to insulate the glass and keeps energy from transferring through the

What Is the Best Vista Registry Fix?

The Windows Vista Registry is the same as the previous operating systems. It is the central database that contains the settings and configurations for applications, programs and system components on a computer. Because components are added or changed when you install or uninstall programs, the regis

How to Reboot Windows XP Professional

You may need to reboot your Windows XP Professional computer if you are having system problems, such as freezing and program crashes, or if you are installing a program that prompts you to reboot after completing the installation. You may also reboot your computer if you want to use Safe Mode--a tro

How to Fix a Windows XP Black Screen

When you turn on your computer, all you see is a black screen. Windows XP fails to load and there are no error messages to indicate the reason. A black screen often indicates a problem with damaged or missing system files. If your Windows XP installation is missing or is experiencing corrupt files,

How to Uninstall Updates & Hot Fixes in Vista

Microsoft periodically releases updates and fixes for its Windows Vista operating system. These updates are designed to fix existing problems and inconsistencies as well as to add new features into the system. Generally, updates are classified as high priority and optional. These optional tools typi

Help With Moving the Taskbar to the Top of the Screen in Vista

Windows Vista is an operating system developed by Microsoft. If your computer runs Windows Vista, there are many ways you can customize it. For example, you can change the desktop theme or move the taskbar. The taskbar, usually at the bottom of the screen, is where you go to open programs and window

How to Slow Down an Audio Sound

Audacity is a free audio-editing application available on Windows, Mac and Linux and is compatible with a wide range of audio file formats. Audacity has a wide range of features that allow you to record, crop and add a variety of effects to your digital audio files. Audacity includes a "change spee

How to Troubleshoot a Windows XP Sound Device

Every now and then, your computer's sound may mysteriously stop working. Windows XP has many tools that can help you determine what the problem is. By using these tools, you may be able solve that problem without having to reach behind your computer to adjust the speaker connections, or open the cas

How to Find an XP Reg Code

If you ever need your Windows XP registration code, you may wonder how you can find it. The first place to look is on your computer case (if you purchased your computer), as it will usually be located on a sticker on the bottom or side of the case. If not, then you will have to resort to other metho

How to Get Rid of Data Execution Prevention

Data execution prevention (DEP) is a mechanism aimed at preventing security attacks where a computer's processor is made to execute memory pages originally intended to contain data, not code. Modern processors with the x86 and x86-64 architectures (that is, the Intel and AMD processors used for almo

How to Auto-change the Wallpaper on your Windows PC

Are you bored from seeing the same wallpaper on your PC? Are you tired of manually changing the wallpaper from time to time? Well, you don't have to. You can automate this easily through the built-in Windows options. Here's how...

Window Sill Options

Expanded window sills provide new spaces.Bouquet with roses in a room on a window sill. image by Yuri Bizgaimer from Fotolia.comWindow sills bridge the gap between the window and the lower part of the wall. They must blend well with the trim of the window and still fit with the other...