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Painting on Bronze

Though bronze is a rich, beautiful metal on its own, sometimes a bit of paint can complement its pale golden luster. As when painting other metals, surface preparation is a significant part of the process. In come cases, the smooth surface of the bronze may repel paint or cause excessive dripping. I

How to Create a Pet Oil Painting From a Photo

Many pet owners display portraits of their pets much as they would display portraits of their human family members and friends. This makes the ability to paint portraits of animals is a highly marketable skill. In addition, if you are a pet owner yourself, attempting to paint your own pet may be bot

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

Coming your way soon, part 1 of two new Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster movies. Want the details? I thought you might. :)

How to Pick the Right Combination of Artifacts

Picking up the right set of combination among various options for a desired result is crucial and defining. This is true in every walk of life where we have to take a crucial decision, including ...

The Animation Master Hates iPad

First of all, you must know which kind of person Miyazaki Hayao is. He is named as Akira Kurosawa in the animation world.

How to Remove House Paint From an Auto

Professional painters dedicate themselves to meticulous preparation, because they know that exterior painting projects are fraught with potential risks. Unfortunately, when amateur painters tackle do-it-yourself projects, they often end up with unintended messes. If you need to remove house paint fr

Anime Basics

From simple beginnings almost 100 years ago, Japanese anime has grown into one of the most popular -- and profitable -- forms of art ever. Intricate story lines and common artistic elements created a commonality in anime that cross cultures around the world.

How to Paint a Concrete Block Home

While it is not considered a traditional finish for the outside of a home, concrete block construction offers a number of benefits worth considering: it is very durable, offers a good deal of extra insulation from heat and cold and is relatively easy to paint. It is critical to get the painting righ

How to Draw Graffiti Step by Step

You've seen it on buildings and bridges for years, and while "tagging" public property is illegal, the graffiti art form itself is stunning. As many styles exist as do the artists it seems. If you'd like to try your hand at this edgy art form, just remember that tagging requires a significant amount

Set Your Business Apart With Wall Murals

"Wall murals can brighten up any setting whether it is a public place, a home or a commercial enterprise such as a bar, club or restaurant. When technology meant that images could be created on ...

How to Draw a Porch Floor

A simple porch floor takes very little effort to draw. Porch floors can be drawn using primarily straight lines, making it an ideal drawing subject for a beginner to use to practice drawing three dimension. Whether you want to draw blueprints for a porch you're building or you need a porch in one of

How to Make a Medieval Sculpture of a Draw Bridge

Making a sculpture of a medieval drawbridge is a great project for model enthusiasts and curious builders alike. This is because a sculpture can be made of any hard, three dimensional material, from cardboard to specialized clay. The easiest way to create a sculpture of a medieval drawbridge is to u

How to Draw Profile Anime

The anime art form is a Japanese-based art that is characterized by a combination of line for hair, rounded curves for features and over-emphasized expressiveness without a lot of facial detail. Drawing anime in profile isn't difficult but can result in impressive results, even for a beginning artis

How to Finish Pine Wood Furniture

Finishing pine furniture is a task well-suited to do-it-yourselfers. Unlike hardwoods, which accept stain poorly, pine is a soft wood. This trait allows it to absorb a variety of shades of stain, leading to even, attractive finishes that tend to last a reasonable amount of time. Improper procedure w

Tips on Cleaning Oil Paintings

Over time, exposure to household dirt, tobacco smoke and the natural yellowing of varnish can cause an oil painting to look dirty and dingy. Regain the color tone, vibrancy and quality of an oil painting by utilizing the proper cleaning techniques required for fine art.

What Is the History Behind the Color Pink?

Pink, widely thought of as a female color modern day, wasn't always thought of that way. Baby boys at one time wore pink, and preppy men in the 19th century made the color popular. Originally named after the hue of a flower, the phrase "in the pink" originated from the much in demand scarlet hue for