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17 Things For Writers to Blog About

A blog can be a very effective way of spreading the word about yourself, your books and your other writing. It can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and create an ongoing relationship with your readers. A good blog is more than just a marketing tool; it's also an expression of your pers

Rant Blogs

One thing I noticed is that most of the criticism written by this new breed rant writers today lack the cojones that would give their critic piece some character and reputation. I have seen and read a lot of them who can't stand by their ideas and beliefs. Some of them make disclaimers and apol

My Top Tips For 138 Free Blog Leads In A Day

These tips for free blog leads have helped me generate thousands of leads for free in just a few months. Implement these blogging tips and you could be seeing better results in just a few weeks!

How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging has become the preferred web site format for creating profit pulling content sites.Blogs are extremely easy to create and update with fresh content.The steps involved for successful blogging include selecting a niche, grabbing a domain name, setting up your blog, traffic generation and then

Blog Posts - Types of Posts to Consider For Your Blog - Part 1

Are you running out of topics for your blog posts? Then, here are some ideas that can help you get pass that bloggers' block: How-to guides. These are the type of posts that will tell your readers how to do some things. You'll be happy to know that right now, these are the most popular typ

How to Upload Free Blogger Templates

Blogger provides a wide range of free templates with many customizing option. However, several third-party developers create Blogger templates as well. Many of these are free. You can upload one of these templates to be the format of your own Blogger blog.

Some Tips For Newbies in Blogging

It is good to see that a lot people are using blogging to express themselves, since starting a blog is free in BlogSpot and WordPress. But if you are using blogging to market something especially yourself, then you might want to consider having your own blog in your own hosting. This is where you ca

The Fastest Way to Get Blog Traffic

These days millions of people have blogs, so how can you make your blog stand out from the rest? Submitting your blog to social bookmarking sites like Digg or Delicious is the fastest way to get your blog noticed by people.

Blogging Part 5: Offpage Search Engine Optimization

We've already optimized our blog to rank well for search results of certain keywords that we're targetting, but here comes the sad news it affects your ranking in only very minor ways. However, don't skip this step as every little bit helps when you're competing for search engin

To Blog, Or Not To Blog

A few years back I sat in a meeting with some of the most powerful online publishers in the UK. The topic at that time was whether Blogs would become a powerful publishing tool. The debate has now changed to how to utilize the power of the blog.

5 Ways to Earn Money From a Blog

Blogging is undoubtedly fun to do and it provides a channel for you to express your own thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. It lets you share a part of yourself your life and your skills with the rest of the world at large. But aside from being a channel to express your creative energies, b

7 WordPress Plugins You Absolutely Must Have

It's pretty common knowledge that WordPress is by far the most important innovation of our time, followed closely by the cure for polio and those umbrellas that get short when you're not using them so you can actually carry them around discreetly instead of looking like a snobbish prick. E

How To Make Money With A Blog Business

There are many ways that you can make money using a number of tools, and the Internet presents a number of lucrative ideas that can help you supplement your earnings. Many people around the world use blogs to communicate, and there are millions of blogs floating around cyberspace. Your blog can be h

How to Make Blogger Skins

A skin is a computer term used to describe a background wallpaper image on a website or blog. You can make your own custom-designed skin in the Blogger program by finding an image you like and then creating a URL for it. This may seem daunting if it is your first try at designing this type of backgr

Discover the Hidden Treasure That is Email Groups For Blog Promotion

Something that's getting more and more fashionable since the world wide web has arisen are the e-mail groups that are accessible via Yahoo, MSN, and other email providers. They're a good way of meeting others who have a mutual pastime, and are very alike to the communities that are accessi

Freelancing Blogging - Are You Man (Or Woman) Enough?

Freelance is often considered a cushy job. You set your own hours and don't have to dress up to come to work. With the advent of online marketing, freelance blogging has come to the fore. Not nearly as cushy as imagined, it takes lots of time and hard work to be successful. Not unlike a regular

Blogging Your Way to Business Success

Blogging is a great way to get BIG impact for your business with very little money. Blogging can generate leads for your business, build in-bound links to your website, and even help boost your Search Engine Rankings.

How to Make Big Money With Blogs

I have thought about 'How To Make Real Money With Blogs' a lot. I've also read a lot about it. So, this is what I came up with.Building a blog empire is the way to go: