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How to Change a U-Joint in a GMC Sierra

Changing the U-joints in your GMC Sierra is a good project for the do-it-yourselfer or home mechanic. The U-joints are located at each end of the drive shaft and allow for vertical movement while the shaft is spinning. Worn U-joints can cause vibrations, banging sounds and fail, causing damage to th

How to Fill a Car Radiator

Car radiators contain a 50/50 mixture of engine coolant and water. The coolant mixture circulates through the car's engine, where it draws heat from the engine, allowing the engine to cool. The coolant then travels back through the radiator, where it passes between the tanks via small tubes fitted w

Clogged Fuel Line Symptoms

A fuel line is a hose placed in the engine of an automobile or other vehicle. It controls and regulate the flow of liquid fuel or fuel vapor. Typically, a fuel line, an integral part of the fuel system, consists of all the tubes that come out of the filter neck. It connects the carbon...

How to Rotate Tires on a Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a mid-size crossover SUV, that is part car and part SUV that Hyundai introduced in 2001. Hyundai has been working on the model, making it easier to handle and more attractive to cost-conscious buyers. Keep your ride smooth and in the best condition by rotating the tires about

1994 Chevy Silverado Clutch Fork and Pivot Ball Problems

The clutch fork is the component that connects the clutch's slave cylinder to the throw-out bearing on the 1994 Chevrolet Silverado. The clutch fork is attached to the pivot ball, which allows the clutch fork to rotate when the clutch is engaged. Four different technical service bulletins (TSB) have

How to Identify Part Numbers on Carter Carburetors

Carter carburetors, like other carburetors, are mechanical devices that combine fuel and air to create the correct mixture for combustion in an engine. A carburetor regulates the ratio of air and fuel and keeps the engine's operation at optimum level. As with any mechanical part, knowing the part nu

How to Compress a Rear Brake Caliper for a 1999 Buick Park Avenue

The Buick Park Avenue utilizes disc brakes on all four wheels to stop the vehicle during normal driving. These disc brakes operate by a caliper pressing two brake pads against a spinning rotor, which creates friction and slows the vehicle down. When changing the brake pads, if the piston of the cali

How to Replace the Thermostat in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

The thermostat in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is a vital part of your vehicle's engine cooling system. The thermostat regulates the flow of coolant throughout the motor, to keep it from overheating. A faulty thermostat can stick, preventing coolant from flowing properly. The resulting overheated engine

How to Change the Wheel Bearings on a 1994 Corolla

If the wheel bearings on your 1994 Toyota Corolla become damaged your wheels will no longer be able to turn in a smooth, continuous motion. If this occurs it can seriously affect the steering of your vehicle and quite possibly cause an accident. You should check the quality of your wheel bearings ev

The Secret in Making Your V8 Engine Roar

A distinctive exhaust sound is a sure way to capture the attention that your modified car deserves. If you have a V8 in your car, it is relatively easy to make your V8 roar aggressively.

How to Install a Radar Detector

Some radar detectors are more sophisticated than others. Many models require the connection of only two wires - ground and power. Other varieties require the connection of more wires as well as component parts. If you believe you have the skills to install a radar detector yourself, here are some si

How to Clean Rear Tail Lights and Brake Lamps & Care for Oxidation

Oxidation occurs on taillights just as it does on headlights, though since taillights are red, the oxidation usually isn't noticeable until it is very heavy and thick. This can make your brake lights harder to see by drivers behind your vehicle. Take an hour to clean your taillights and back-up ligh

How to Use a Quick Disconnect Tool for a Transmission Cooler Line

A quick disconnect tool is used to detach the transmission cooler lines that run from the transmission to the radiator. The lines are made of a vinyl hose and they carry the fluid into the radiator so it can be cooled to begin circulating through the engine again. The quick disconnect tool is also c

How to Rejuvenate SLA Batteries

Sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are the most common type used in today's automobiles. A SLA battery (also called low or zero maintenance) is essentially the same as older lead acid battery designs, except it is manufactured as a sealed system. A mixture of sulfuric acid and water acts as an electro

How to Service a Rear-Window Defogger in a Nissan Altima

Introduced in 1966 by Volvo, the rear window defogger lets you see out through the rear view mirror in cold weather and melts snow and ice from the rear window. Increasingly popular, it is now available for most cars, minivans and SUVs. You can identify the problem and service the defogger in less t

Where Is the Starter in a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica?

The power plant on the 2005 Chrysler Pacifica is a 3.5-liter, V6 engine, which is standard in the 2004 through 2006 model years. The starter is wedged into the engine compartment rather tightly, so access to the starter is limited.

How to Build a Jeep

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a difficult endeavor. When you are looking for a specific model it can be hard to locate them on a Jeep dealer's lot. If you do find the model you are looking for, the chance of it having all of the features you prefer is not likely. By accessing the Jeep website, you

Car Polishing Tailor Made Within Budget

There are car detailers who are expert in providing a range of services for cars, 4WD, Prestige and Commercials which include car polish, exteriors, interiors, cutting, cleaning of engine bay and under body washing. These ...

Check Engine Diagnosis

The check engine light in your vehicle illuminates whenever one of the sensors sends a trouble code to the engine control module. The On Board Diagnostics (OBD) was originally created by the government as a way to monitor and restrict automotive emissions, but the information relayed by these sensor