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Florida Helmet Laws

Florida helmet law Since July 2000, motorcycle riders have not had to adhere to a universal helmet law, requiring all riders, regardless of age, to wear a helmet when operating their motorcycles. Today, Florida helmet laws stipulate that riders over the age of 21 who have at least $10,000 in medical

Why a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

There are several manufacturers of motorcycles around the world. The BMW for one, builds performance driven motorcycles for years. Japan-made Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha also have race winning motorcycles. Ducati is another motorcycle brand that is very popular around the world. But why a Harley Dav

Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle on eBay

No one needs an introduction to Harley Davidson or to its popularity. Harley Davidson as one of the most popular motorcycles of America has formed a cult of its own. There are people who will literally do anything to own a Harley Davidson of their own.

Introduction To Scooter Tuning

In the history of development of modes of communication, scooters occupy a very important position.They revolutionised the way people moved from one place to another, and though horse drawn carriages did not get phased out immediately, they did start getting considered as old fashioned transport and

1973 Ford 302 Specs

The 1975 Ford 302 is a carbureted V8 engine. Fully repairing an older 302 engine typically requires tearing it down and rebuilding it. Engine rebuilds often call for calibrating the different components of the engine, which requires very finite measurements. Engine specifications include...

ATV Trails in Baldwin, Michigan

Riding ATVs is a popular recreational activity.Small All Terrain Vehicle on a beach 2 image by Sergey Sukhorukov from Fotolia.comBaldwin, Michigan is in Lake County, in the Huron-Manistee National Forest. Riding all-terrain vehicles in the national forest requires the use of a...

HEMI 6.1 Camshaft Specs

The Chrysler 6.1 HEMI is a powerful engine that uses a hemispherical combustion chamber design. This engine is used by Chrysler in the SRT Challenger model. The camshaft of this engine is designed to maximize efficiency and power. The hemispherical design increases air flow and therefore...

CRF 150R

Pricing and key information for the 2013 Honda CR150R motocross race bike.

Kit Motorcycles

Motorcycles were first developed in 1885 when the new internal combustion engine was launched for industrial production. Motorcycles were petrol driven adaptation of the regular cycle. A small petrol run engine was installed on it that was capable of cruising up to a speed of 20 miles per hour. As t

The Best MPG Pickups

For those who drive a pick-up or other kind of truck, fuel economy is not always the first concern. But in a world where fuel prices can rise almost daily, saving money at the gas pump is a common concern. More and more cars and vehicles are being designed with fuel economy in mind.

Bike Lights: The Information Guide!

Many people enjoy bike riding at night. However, it is not always a safe option. For enjoying your night riding, you must invest in.

Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires Offer Ulimate Convenience

If you are looking to purchase high quality tires for your motorcycle, you need not to spend a ransom amount of your hard earned money, as you can avail the best motorcycle tires from some of the reno

Vivid Black Flame

The 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide, in Vivid Black Flame.

Beach Bikes Your Personal Style Statement

Beach biking a perfect recreational activities common to people living near the seas and even more for those who prefer to spend their weekends leisurely in the lap of nature surrounded by the seas amidst the golden sunshine.

Factors to Consider While Buying Used Ducati Bikes

Motorbikes are extremely popular all over the world. In fact, a large number of people prefer bikes to cars since they feel that it is more comfortable and flexible. Ducati is one of the biggest ...


A left view of the 2010 Ural sT.

2003 Ford Ranger Specs

This pickup came out in 1982, was restyled in 1993 and received a redesigned exterior in 1998. By 1999, the vehicle became the top-selling compact pickup for the 13th straight year.

Cutaway Motorcycles

Some would describe the practice of cutting up a perfectly good motorcycle engine as sacrilege, but manufacturers have been doing this since the beginning. Now cutaway engines are becoming collectable.