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How to Make Water Balls

Water balls are unlike your usual magic trick that only allows you to watch from afar while another person holds the object and makes it disappear. Although they are not exactly solid objects, water balls make for an entertaining trick and illusion. Water balls are not made from agar or silicone gel

How to Build an Electric Kit Car

Electric kit cars offer an entertaining and educational pastime for children and adults alike. And while putting these kits together can be quite a challenge, they also offer an opportunity to learn how things work and for quality parent child bonding. In any case, when following the instructions th

Directions to Make a Hands-Free Blanket

A hands-free blanket with sleeves is a great way to stay warm while reading, writing or crafting. It is a simple project that requires only basic sewing skills and can be finished in about an hour. These blankets make great gifts and, if you buy the fabric while it is on sale, you will save a signif

Thank You Cards for Wedding Gifts

Say thank you for the wedding gift with a card.silver thank you image by Brett Mulcahy from Fotolia.comAfter you have said the marriage vows, cut the cake and danced the first dance, it's time to get down to the business of opening wedding presents. While opening gifts isn't truly a...

Easy Crafts With Sharpies and T-Shirts

There are many easy crafts that use Sharpies and T-shirts as basic materials. Sharpies, or other colorful permanent markers, give you sharp colors and lines so that creating detailed decorations on fabric is much easier than embroidering, printing or painting the design. These types of pens can be f

How to Make a Sweetheart Tag Box Out of Paper

Make a special present for your sweetheart by making a sweetheart tag box out of paper. Buying expensive items may show you have money, but making something for your special someone shows how much you care about him. Look for some colored paper, glue and small decorative items around your house. Imp

How to Make Wizard Crafts

If your child enjoys pretending to be a wizard during playtime, you can encourage her creativity by providing her with a craft or two related to wizardry. You do not need to buy expensive craft kits in order to do so. Instead, you can make wizard crafts, such as a wizard's hat or wand, using materia

How to Make a Round Chandelier With Rice Paper

Drum-shaped chandeliers add a modern accent to any room. They are expensive, but you can make your own easily. Buy a lamp shade the right size and shape from a thrift store or yard sale. Choose one with straight sides, to make covering it easier. Purchase some attractive, heavy-weight rice paper in

How to Make Community Helper Puppets

Teaching children about certain members in the community is an important lesson, because it builds appreciation for these roles and may motivate some children to fill these positions themselves later in life. Create community helper puppets to make the lesson stand out in the minds of children and m

Civil War Straw Bonnet Instructions

Bonnets of the Civil War period evolved from women's hats of previous decades. The earlier hats were designed to shield the face. During the mid- to late-1850s, bonnets were designed to be worn closer to the head, with shorter brims that often did not completely cover the hair in front. The inside

How to Attach a New Skein of Yarn to an Existing Knitting Project

Few knitting projects can be done with only one skein of yarn. At some point you will need to add a new skein. Knots leave a bump in the knitting and may come untied if the project is worn and laundered often. Adding new yarn at the beginning of a row is advisable if the project will have seams.

How to Make a Paper Jester Hat

Put a little fun in someone's life with a jester hat made from paper. The hat is cheap and easy to make, and can be constructed to fit any size head. Simply adjust the length of the hatband and the amount of overlap of the paper triangles.

How to Prepare a Sign by the Silk Screen Method

Silk screening, or screen printing, on paper is similar to the method used for fabrics. A mesh screen is exposed with an opaque image on top and paint is squeezed through the unexposed cracks. However, when screen printing on paper, special wash-proof paint is not needed. Inexpensive poster paint ca

How to Make Ornamental Ponytail Holders

Ponytail holders are commonly used to pull back and secure hair so that it does not fall freely around the face. They can come in a wide variety of materials and sized, from tiny clear bands to ornate ribbon ties. More ornamental ponytail holders are especially appropriate for special events or holi

Video: How to Knit Tightly Using Continental Knitting

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio and I'm here to show you how to knit tightly using continental knitting. So, normally when you do the continental knitting, you wrap it around your little finger once and then have it come from your index finger. But, I tend to...

How to Make a Hook Rug Into a Pillow

Hooked rugs are made by pulling short pieces of yarn through a course woven fabric such as burlap or hopsacking, usually following a picture pattern. Since quite a lot of work goes into these, many people prefer not to place them on the floor to be walked on after they are finished. Small rugs (9 x

Ways to Make Gold in Ultima Online

Ultima Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that is produced by Mythic Entertainment. The game allows you to play in a universe full of other players. You can fight enemies, go on quests or simply chat with others and enjoy doing small jobs and making in game gold. You

How to Hem a Skirt

Do simple clothing alterations yourself. There's no need to take your skirts in to be professionally hemmed when this sewing job can be done quickly and easily at home.

3-D Paper Animal Crafts

Three-dimensional paper animal crafts are simple projects made from household items. Printer paper or inexpensive colored construction paper can be used or recycle used paper products as an environmentally friendly option. Construct 3-D paper animal crafts for young children, repurpose cardboard rol