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How Do You Delete Songs Off Your iPod Mini?

The iPod Mini is, as the name suggests, a small portable media player that allows users to listen to music files. Regardless of which iPod Mini you own, the player will only have the ability to hold a certain amount of music at one time. There may come times when you need to remove songs from your M

How to Convert Media Player Music to iPod Music

iTunes used to be the only avenue to get music onto your iPod, but now you can download a free trial plug-in that lets you sync Windows Media Player music to your iPod. The plug-in will automatically load into Windows Media Player, so you won't have to run the program each time you want to add music

What to Do When an Apple iTouch Does Not Turn On?

If your iTouch does not turn on, you may be able to run through basic troubleshooting steps to remedy the issue. Whether you take further action may depend on the warranty status of your iTouch. Apple provides a full year, limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary tech support that you may consu

How to Restore the iPhone SMS

The backup feature in iTunes prevents data loss due to your iPhone crashing or being stolen by saving your SMS messages, contacts, bookmarks and settings onto the computer. Whether you want to restore your current iPhone or restore a previous backup onto a new iPhone, the process involves little mor

The Basics of How to Download to an iPod

Apple's iPod is a portable audio and video player. Music and movies sync to the device through your computer and Apple's iTunes software. If you are trying to download music or movies to your iPod device, there are a few basic things you should be familiar with for proper connection and transfer.

How to Accept Appointments on an iPhone

Your iPhone's calendar application makes it easy to keep track of upcoming events and appointments. Enable a link between your Microsoft Exchange or MobileMe accounts, and accepting invitations for meetings from fellow users is easy. When an invitation is pending, it appears on your calendar surroun

How to Install Games on an iPod Nano (4th Gen)

The fourth generation of the iPod Nano had a taller screen with an added "Shake" feature, which allowed users to physically shake the iPod to shuffle to a new song. And as with the previous generation, the updated model utilized its click wheel to play games. The device can play many games, which ar

iOS Versions and Features

Apple unveiled iOS 7.0 at their annual developer's conference, detailing some of the big changes users can expect in the latest operating system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

How to Delete Email on the iPad

For those who like to keep their email inbox clean, it is important to know how to delete email on the iPad. Luckily, Apple made this task a bit more simple than on an iPhone, and there are actually two different methods you can use to delete email from your iPad.

Why Are Ringtones So Short?

Every wireless phone comes preloaded with factory ringtones. The typical length of a factory ringtone is under 5 seconds, which mirrors the length of a standard phone's ringing. Virtually every ringtone for standard wireless devices is less than 20 seconds long.

How Do You Use an iPod Nano Third Generation?

There are various styles and models of Apple's iPod, and the iPod nano is one of the smaller versions of this popular MP3 player. The third generation was the first nano that was capable of playing video files. Unlike other generations of nano, which are rectangular, the third generation has a squar

The Development of the iPod

The iPod is a digital media player from Apple Inc. It was introduced to the world in 2001 and has since undergone numerous revisions and innovations.

How to Update Google Maps for an iPhone

The iPhone comes with Google Maps pre-installed (called "Maps" on the phone). If you want to make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps on your iPhone, you will need to download a new version from the iTunes store. Apple will let you know when a new version is available, and you can instal

How to Transfer IPA to an iPhone 3.1.3

The iPhone comes with a variety of free apps already installed. If you want new apps, you can download them wirelessly directly to the device, or you can download them to your computer over the Internet from the App Store, and then transfer the apps to the iPhone with the included USB cable. You can

My Alpine KCA-420i Is Not Charging My iPod

The Alpine KCA-420i interface adapter does more than transfer your iPod's audio to your car speakers -- it also charges your device. Charging problems can result from the devices not being compatible, hardware problems or the vehicle not being turned on. Use troubleshooting to pinpoint the problem a

How to Turn Off the Apps on the IOS4

The parental restrictions feature in iOS4 for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone allow you to have control over what your child is able to download from the App Store or view on his device. The restriction feature prompts you to create a passcode, which activates the restriction and locks the device on

How to Synchronise an iPod With iTunes

One of the fundamental functions of an iPod is its ability to sync information with a user's computer. Music and videos, as well as notes and applications on the iPod Touch, can be shared between the iTunes software on a computer and an iPod. The process can be done automatically or manually -- in e

How to Fix an IPod Registry

The registry of an iPod is where all of the information about that iPod is located. An iPod registry can get corrupted if you accidentally uploaded a virus to your device or if the iPod was damaged in some other way. In order to fix the registry of your iPod, you will need to format the device. Once