List of Good Advantages of Cellphones

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    • One of the most obvious advantages of using a cellphone is convenience. Cellphones can be used anywhere and do not require a wired connection to provide you with phone calling or computing capabilities. Compact and lightweight, cellphones are extremely portable and easy to take anywhere. Most cellphones come with caller ID, allowing you to identify who’s calling and whether you want to answer. With built-in phone book applications, cellphones allow you to store and organize contact information for a large number of contacts, which you can quickly access with a touch of your finger.


    • Not only can your cellphone act as a mobile telecommunications device, but it’s also capable of taking pictures, providing you with step-by-step navigational instructions and giving you access to the Internet. Most cellphones come equipped with a built-in digital camera that offers a wide range of resolutions, allowing the phone to act as a photographic device as well. With preinstalled Web browsers, cellphones also allow you to access the Internet through your wireless provider’s network. Many cellphones feature GPS applications that use a combination of cellular tower and satellite signals to help you find your way around town.


    • Most cellphones support text, picture, voice and video messages sent and received through their multimedia messaging functionality. Pictures taken by a cellphone’s camera can easily be sent through its multimedia messaging feature, which sends the image to any 10-digit wireless phone number or email address. A cellphone also provides mobile email capability, allowing you to access email on the phone through a connection to a POP3, SMTP or IMAP4 server. Though not as widely available, many cellphones support push email, which instantly delivers incoming messages and does not require you to log in and manually check for new messages.


    • Cellphone advantages come in a variety of forms designed to provide you with mobile entertainment, such as media players and video games. Many cellphones come with preinstalled productivity applications that give you the ability to create documents, spreadsheets or multimedia presentations using common applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Cellphones also come with rechargeable batteries that provide you with days of energy. Many cellphones provide Wi-Fi connectivity, which provides faster access to the Internet than that offered by wireless network connectivity.

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