Fix Windows Installer Error 1721 - Resolve Error Code 1721 From PC!

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What is Windows Installer Error 1721? The error code 1721 is related to the Windows Installer that user's receive when they attempt to install or uninstall program using Windows Installer utility.
This error message is received when either the Installer for Windows is damaged, corrupted or it has some problem which prevents it from installing the program.
If this error has occurred then user will not be able to install or uninstall any program or application until the error code 1721 is fixed.
How Runtime Error 1721 is caused? The error message that most of the users encounter is very much similar to the error message as mentioned below - "Error 1721.
There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.
A program required for this install to complete could not be run.
Contact your support personal or package vendor.
" Unfortunately, there is not any particular set of reasons which can explain why this error arises.
But some of the experts thing that this error occurs due to the unregistered version of Installer or it might have gone corrupt or damaged.
So, newer version of Installer is needed and the Windows registry also needs to be cleaned in order to resolve runtime error 1721.
How to fix Windows Installer Error 1721? In order to resolve this error code and to get rid of this annoying error message user need to follow certain steps which are mentioned as follows.
  • Re-register Installerfor Windows- Under this step user need to remove all the instances of the present installer from the system and need to re-register them.
    It is very much like re-installing the installer which has gone damaged.
    In case if this process fails with some errors then the files of Installer must be corrupted that need to be flushed.
  • Use Cleanup Utility of Windows Installer - Using the cleanup utility of Installer will definitely help as it repairs those files which improve the performance and effectively eradicate error code 1721.
  • Install the latest version of Installer - It is quite possible the you are using the older version of Installer without knowing its importance that older Installer version can throw errors like 1721.
    So upgrading the Installer will certainly help in this regard.
  • Clean the Windows Registry - Among various possibilities of 1721 runtime error, dirty registry of Windows can be the one as registry is the central database of the PC which stores all the files and information's, so setting the Windows registry to run and work properly can really resolve this error message.
    So, just clean the windows registry and it will definitely help.
So, after performing the steps as mentioned above user can easily get rid of Windows Installer Error 1721 easily.
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