Work Injury Prevention - The Basic Concept of Worker"s Protection Part 1

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Understanding Protection.
Protection here, is a protection system in the form of compensation that is not in the form of monetary or cash, either directly or indirectly, employed by companies to workers.
This protection by providing a sense of security, both in the financial, health, and physical safety as workers, so workers can move quietly and can contribute positively to the enhancement value of the company.
the protection of workers is a necessity for companies that are required by the government through rules and laws.
In implementing protection programs, many employers are working with insurance companies that provide cover to possible health problems, financial or other problems encountered or experienced by workers and his families in the future.
Practically, the granting of this protection is not the same quality for each worker, depending on each position and their work's responsibility.
Factors That Determine Protection Provision of protection between each employee is influenced by various factors namely: Responsibility The higher the position an employee in a company, the greater the responsibility upon him.
A CEO, a top leader in the enterprise, carry the greatest responsibility to the viability of business enterprises.
The higher the responsibility carried by one, the higher the insurance coverage provided by the company.
For example, a Manager of Treasury or the Branch Manager of the Bank have a higher responsibility than the Dealer who served in the Dealing Room.
Therefore, the degree of protection provided by the company to the Manager of Treasury or the Branch Manager is higher than the Dealer, for example of the quality of health benefits.
Skill (Expertise) For enterprise business continuity, companies need employees who have special expertise.
for example, in the field of information technology, the company hire the information technology experts who mastered computer technology.
Their expertise is very specific, so as to maintain to keep them working at the company, the company implemented a program worthy of protection and even sometimes above - average that what can be given by competitors.
Protection's program applied to workers who have specialized skills will be higher compared with workers that do not require special expertise, such as clerical workers Mental Effort (l Brain / Mental) Employees who rely on the ability of the brain work better.
such as analysts, programmers, marketers, or accountant.
The working class is often called the "White Collar" worker class is usually obtain a higher degree of protection compared with the working class who rely more on physical strength (Blue Collar) Physical condition or effort Employees who rely more on physical strength (Blue Collar), such as security guards (guard), janitors or construction workers.
Usually the protection given by the company to them more focused in the form of protection for safety.
Work Conditions The working conditions are expected by the worker to a single industry sector is often different.
For example, working conditions for workers in the field of petroleum, which works in offshore will vary with the working conditions on the ground.
The more heavy working conditions faced by workers, the higher the protection programs are implemented.
Government (Government Regulation) Government as a regulator usually make regulations requiring employers or companies to provide adequate protection for workers.
For example, the government oblige companies provide protection for workers through insurance..
Through insurance, the workers laid off, workers who experience accidents during work, will get proper compensation from the insurance.
In addition, the government also requires companies to grant leave for worker's physical and mental refreshment.
Next in part 2, I will explain more about compensation as a worker's protection For more information about worker's compensation, work's injury and work accident compensation claim, visit our website Injury at work.
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