Top 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Organizing Your Opt-In Process

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An opt-in process is one of the important elements of your overall email marketing program.
It determines your list growth, list quality and establishes the subscriber's expectations.
Here are 4 common mistakes you should avoid when creating your opt-in procedure: 1.
Nothing except the opt-in box.
Do not use just the form like "Subscribe to our newsletter" and that's all.
Give people a valuable reason, a motivation to share their email addresses with you.
Don't say anything vague.
Be clear and precise.
State a benefit they will get upon signing up.
Total silence after the subscription.
Do not keep your subscribers in the dark.
They expect to see something in their inbox as soon as they opted in.
Respond to their subscription immediately.
Send a welcome message with a "thank you for subscribing" line in it.
Give a link to a promised free report, exclusive discount, software download or whatever you used as an incentive to engage the visitors of your web site to opt-in to your list.
Too complicated and bad organization.
Do not just ask for an email address without telling people what will happen next.
People must clearly know why they give you the email addresses and what they will get in exchange.
If you provide the ability to choose the newsletters for subscribing, try to narrow down the choices.
If this is not possible, organize the newsletters by categories for better understanding.
What is the newsletter about?
Tell people exactly what your newsletter is about.
Will it just notify them about new material on your web site whereas the content itself is on the site? Or, will it be full of the valuable content? Or, maybe it will contain some tips and tricks your software does that may not be obvious to everyone, etc.
Any type of newsletter is good but not everybody would like to receive all of them.
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