List Building - You Must Build Multiple Lists to Survive and Thrive

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One of the most important things you are going to find online is that you have to nichefy your lists.
By this I mean that you have to have people who are interested in one specific thing on one specific list.
This means that if you have a web site about pets, you need a list for dog owners, a list for cat owners, a list for goldfish owners, and a separate list for each type of pet owner out there.
Why?Think about this.
If you have all pet owners opt into one list, and let's say for example there are 10 types of pets out there, then you are going to be mailing out offers pertinent to dogs, cats, goldfish, etc.
, and you are basically going to be mailing one offer at a time to people who each have different needs.
You are going to have the cat people reading dog emails and the goldfish people reading iguana emails.
What happens after the cat person reads an email promoting something for each of 7 different pets?He concludes that your list doesn't meet his needs, and opts out - or just as bad, quits opening your emails.
But imagine that you have 10 lists, one for each type of pet owner.
Now you can mail only dog offers to dog people, cat offers to cat people, etc.
What is going to happen to your open rates and your clickthrough rates, even your conversion rates?They are going to go way up! You have to have multiple lists, one for each niche, or mini-niche.
The more tightly you target your subscribers, the more money you will make.
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