How to Remove the Coil Pack From a 2001 F-150 5.4L Motor

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    • 1). Park the F-150 on a level surface. Open the hood of the truck. Visually inspect the engine, and locate the coil packs mounted along either side of the engine.

    • 2). Remove the plastic wire harness from the coil pack, being careful not to break the small plastic locking tab on the harness.

    • 3). Use a ratchet and a socket with an extension to remove the coil pack hold down bolt

    • 4). Remove the coil pack by pulling it upward at an angle from the engine, while simultaneously twisting the coil right to left. The twisting motion will release the coil pack from the upper end of the spark plug.

    • 5). Installation of the coil pack is the reverse of the removal process. Tighten the coil pack mounting bolts to no more than 53-foot-pounds of torque, using a certified torque wrench and socket.

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