Suggestions To Do When You Can" t Snooze

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Visualize, it's the middle of the night, the sky black with bright, white stars, and you find yourself unable to sleep. Occasionally, it's difficult to sleep because you've got a lot on your mind. Other times, you've gotten a fantastic, new book and using a cordless picture light you read late into the night. Additionally, some people can't sleep because of what they eat. Even with cordless picture lights, keeping yourself preoccupied can be hard when those nights roll around. However, there are many things you can do to pass the time in the nighttime.

One idea that can help when you can't sleep at night is to watch a movie. There are various genres of movies to watch and each can provide a different nightly experience. Action movies are entertaining but make it hard to go to sleep because you get so involved with the movie. Likewise, any psychological thriller or riddle is too complicated to be a condusive movie to fall asleep to. Terror movies are a bad idea because, if it's really scary, it makes it impossible to fall asleep soundly. Some movies may induce nightmares while others may stir strange dreams. The best genre would probably be something funny because it leaves you happy and you don't have to follow along as closely as you would for other movies. Regardless, what movie you pick, you should leave the volume down low in case you do fall asleep, so that it doesn't wake you up again.

Another idea to entertain you at night is to eat calming foods. Some foods, like turkey, literally make people tired. If you need to get to sleep and are feeling restless, eating food that makes you tired can help you fall asleep. Sometimes drinking milk or water fills you up enough to make you sleepy as well. Eating things that will leave you full is a great idea (unless you're on a diet!).

Likewise, speaking to other people that can't sleep can be interesting and open up a new opportunity to learn about the world. Even if it's late here, it's morning and afternoon somewhere else in the world. By using websites that promote online penpals, you can make friends from around the world. Learning about dissimilar cultures can be good and you'll always have someone to talk to. You'll be more open minded about things going on in the world and have a new gratefulness for the life you lead.

Plainly, there are a lot of ways to keep you entertained, even in the middle of the night. While some ideas are stirring and interesting, making a habit of not sleeping is a horrible idea. There are many health detriments that go along with not sleeping enough. Also, not sleeping can really ruin the next day. Getting enough sleep should be extremely important to everyone and if anyone is having multiple nights of not sleeping, they should talk to their doctor about getting help.

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