Pinterest Introduces New “Rich Pins” to Boost Business

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Businesses have a lot of reasons to love Pinterest, and now the social network is adding one more to that list: Rich Pins. These new pins will give users extra information about the pinned item, making it easier for them to make the decision to complete a purchase.

Each of the three new Rich Pins has its own special characteristics and benefits for brands. The types of Rich Pins are Movies, Product and Recipes.

Movie Pins

Pinterest users will now be able to get a lot more information about movies that have been pinned. They will have access to content ratings, cast information and more from a single pin.

These pins are also being paired with digital movie distributors like Netflix as well as ratings sites like Rotten Tomatoes. Users can easily access reviews about movies they are interested in that they come across on Pinterest. From there, they can click to watch the movie right away.

In the future, there is a possibility that pins can be linked to Fandango or Movie Theater websites to purchase tickets for new movies. This kind of access offers more convenience and information to users, allowing them to decide quickly to make a purchase.

Product Pins

The new product pins will give users information about pricing for products that are pinned as well as the availability and where they can go to get the item. This is excellent for products like furniture, clothes and shoes, jewelry and other items. Pinterest has linked up with retailers such as Target, Home Depot, eBay, Walmart, Neiman Marcus and even online retailers like Shopify and Etsy. This allows big brands as well as smaller businesses the opportunity to take advantage of these features.

Recipe Pins

Food related pins are all over Pinterest. The new Recipe Pins will make it easier for brands, from big restaurant chains to food bloggers, to give users information about ingredients and cook time. Among those brands already linked with Recipe Pins are Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple and Bon Appetit.

Brands of all sizes can use this to add more information to their boards' content from sites around the Web in addition to their own sites. As each pin is repinned, the information goes with it, spreading to thousands of other users.

Using Rich Pins

If you are ready to set up Rich Pins for your business account on Pinterest, follow these steps:

1- Decide what type of Rich Pins you would like to use: movie, recipe or product.
2- Read the information about the pin type you choose.
3- Insert the necessary metatags onto your website.
4- Authenticate your pins and apply for them to appear on Pinterest.

If you are technically savvy, then you know that this setup will require you to set up one of the collection methods that are supported: hRecipe, oEmbed or semantic markup. If you aren't knowledgeable about web development, pass this information along to your site developer so they can help you get set up.

Pinterest shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. Rich Pins will only increase the usability of the site, giving users more access to information as they add new content to their boards. It is an excellent way to make your products easier to discover and encourage users to make purchases sooner.

Are you ready to start using Rich Pins for your Pinterest business account? What do you think the best benefits will be for your business?
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