The Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself PPC Advertising Campaigns

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When every dollar counts, it can be really tempting to manage your online marketing and PPC advertising in house.
Why take on yet another cost for something that many people already do on their own? However, outsourcing your online advertising to a professional and experienced agency can be considered analogous to hiring an accountant.
You may not need one to perform the job (filing your taxes), however they can often spot areas that will either save or make you money.
If you are currently on the fence about DIY advertising, here are a few pros and cons to consider.
Pro: Saves Money Depending on your location and the company you hire, you may have to shell out several hundred a month for someone else to manage your online advertising campaigns.
For small businesses, every penny counts, and coming up with the money to pay for this extra expense may be next to impossible.
However, foregoing PPC ads altogether is simply no longer an option for most businesses.
People turn to online sources when shopping for a new product before any other medium.
Ignoring this traffic stream is almost certainly detrimental to your business model.
Con: May Take Up A Lot of Time It can often be difficult for first-time entrepreneurs to distance themselves from their business.
Since it is their baby, and they have been the only person in the driver's seat since day one, they are often not ready to unload responsibilities to someone who may not perform to their expectations.
However, these business owners often forget that money is not the only resource they have.
Time is another resource.
And if you do not have a lot of it to devote to performing keyword research and constantly tweaking your ad campaigns, do not be surprised if you have trouble bringing in traffic with your ads.
Con: May Lack Technical Expertise One of the biggest negatives to managing your advertising campaigns on your own is that you will likely have to read up and educate yourself as you go, unless you are already proficient with online advertising.
This can be time-consuming, and you may make mistakes as a result of this that cause you to mismanage the money you are spending on ads.
For instance, if you fail to perform the proper keyword research, and select the wrong keywords for your business, you may attract traffic that is unlikely to purchase, which is a waste of your advertising dollars.
Con: Costly Software Finally, one of the biggest disadvantages to doing your own advertising is that performing keyword research and monitoring the performance of your advertising sometimes requires specific software that help you locate competitive keywords.
The best of these come at a fairly high price.
While there are a lot of free software available online, these are usually of poor quality and do not provide the same level of accuracy.
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