Understanding Psychological Harm

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Not all instances of personal injury are physical, and the scars of these injuries are not always physical.
A very real and serious effect of abuse and trauma is psychological harm.
Psychological harm usually occurs when an individual is subjected to a psychologically taxing experience.
Psychological harm is any sort of trauma an individual endures that alters his or her personality and behavior for an extended period of time.
Often, the effects of the harm are permanent and have no full cure, though the effects may be treatable with therapy and medication.
Many individuals who suffer psychological trauma, as previously stated, will suffer serious, long term or even permanent effects.
Generally, these effects include: · Trouble sleeping or constant nightmares · Behavioral and mood changes · Difficulty staying focused and concentrating · Flashbacks to the traumatic experience Depending on the severity of these symptoms, an individual's psychological trauma may seriously interfere with an individual's way of life.
In these cases, individuals may have to rely on loved ones for financial and emotional support, as they may not be able to function in public.
These effects are serious, and treatment for them may cost thousands of dollars in recurring expenses.
As such, individuals may be entitled to financial compensation when the cause of the harm is another person.
Often, people who abuse others can be held accountable for their actions and their effects on an individual.
Individuals who suffer harm after a traumatic experience may be able to hold another individual accountable if that person's negligence caused the experience to occur.
Dealing with psychological harm is never easy, but compensation can help individuals get the medical attention that they need.
If you or someone you love suffered psychological harm, discuss your case with the Philadelphia personal injury attorneys of Lowenthal & Abrams, P.
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